Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Coldest Secret - Hartford Beta Max Black Edition Stars Without Numbers Actual Play Mission Part II

The Battle Star Lemuria exploded with a planar artifact on board and not even the Cylons could save the 'cursed ship'  in time. The Battle Star caused a cascading planar eddy around the subspace of the local space time continuum causing the local star system implode in upon itself. The ship was sucked into a black hole and the space around the ship was damaged severely. The PC's exited just in time as almost all six levels of sub space were affected!
A series of successful piloting rolls saved their arses as the whole system went down the drain. Their ship raced through the debris field and made its way into the Spike zone at the edge of the system  and jumped into the planar spread  of a couple of near by universes. The the dimensional fields shook with universe wrecking violence as our heroes raced to safety! The time dilatation effect shaving moments off of their lives as the local time space was awash in horror and sanity shattering weird energies.

The debris formed into a sub-planar ripple that caused massive disruptions. The system will not be viable for hundreds of years to come! Is the Lemuria gone forever? Who knows with a cursed and damned ship crewed by ghosts forever haunting the space ways!
Who knows what will be the repercussions of the dumping of this massive event's effects will be across the multiverse? The destruction of the Lemuria has caused a strange signal to echo across the nearby planes. What does this bode for the future of our party and why does this signal resemble their own Spike drive signature? Could this be a new salvage opportunity? A new call for fortune and glory for our intrepid crew of adventurers and interstellar action?
 Tune in next week to find out in another exciting old school science fictional interplanar adventure at the edge of existence! 


  1. Good to see you running SWN again, I dusted off my SWN books over the holiday weekend also.

  2. There's more coming up over the holiday play with my SWN group. We've got some major events coming up for 2015 as well. Cheers and I look forward to reading about what your going to be doing with SWN on your blog! Hope you and the family have a fantastic New Year and Christmas was great! Cheers pal!


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