Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quick Commentary About The Index of Mythos Society Guide to New England Bonus Content

Grab It Right Over

When it comes to Holiday Lovecraftian horror Clint Staples provides a cornucopia of  bonus material all related to his Mythos Guide To New England. This stuff is the perfect spring board for a holiday game of Call of Cthlhu or any other old school horror rpg really because much of the material is easily convertible. The monsters are clearly New England heavy but that's really part of the charm of using them. A DM can easily take and adapt as needed & work it into the background of a drop dead quick set of adventures that will have his favorite investigators dealing with the everything from the likes of His Majesty to the nastiness of Woden-Lithi Draugr.
A word of caution these are the sorts of monsters and creatures that are often  the center of a horror movie or CoC adventure and the power level here reflects this in spades with these legends. Yes I said legends here because these monsters are as much a part of the  New England myth cycle as any of the monsters of Lovecraftian horrors of HPL's writing.

The Rune Quest Angle
With some quick pieces of design and fast thinking a DM could use these monsters with a bit of old school Rune Quest or even better these monsters could be added in as a New World angle for a game of Cthlhu Dark Ages. These monsters have potential to be used for a holiday or evening one shot with little use. Did I mention that these horrors were free? Part of what makes the Mythos Guide to New England such a nice product has been part of its flexibility a trait seen in these free monsters.
Go check them out! 

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