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Free Old School Comic Book Download And Commentary - Nightmare Issue 10 Dec 1972 For Your Old School Campaigns

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As the cold holiday air comes through on a Sunday we've got another free download from the long forgotten desk of Skywald publishing. Nightmare was one of their most interesting horror themed comic magazines that got away with a ton of lurid artwork and old school comic Seventies goodness. 
Nightmare issue #10 was no except with a mix of horror, science fantasy, & even a mix of dripping movie magic. So what does this have to do with old school gaming goodness? Well after Marvel buried Skywald rather unfairly, they've entered the public domain and are perfect for mining for some solid old school ideas for your gaming table.
The Princess of Earth is the tale of a torch singer with a weird twist to her background and with a strange bout of the end of the story she could be used as a really interesting background NPC for your post apocalyptic wasteland or interstellar science fantasy waiting for some fool to stumble upon her and her legacy. 
The cult classic horror movie Frogs - This one is mostly forgotten and is perfect to add to an OSR horror game and pull your PC's into the deep end of the pond. Take a look. 
The Funeral Barge is a really nasty tale that adds a twist to any post apocalyptic wasteland city or as a horror adventure setting element that will cause your PC's to remember this one for years to come. 
Satan's Celler is perfect for a modern horror adventure and adds a really nasty dungeon element to a rather drab and ordinary old school track house or television style rerun modern adventure. 
The Proverbial Killer adds in an interesting twist on a modern horror encounter with a werewolf right into the mid point in a modern or add it into a Victorian style game. Fast, quick, and with a quick point which was always the Skywald way. 
Demonic Possession adds in that old horror magazine urban legend and occult fact blurb which can be used to add in a red herring or bit of occult lore to your game. 
Game of Skill can be used as an adventure idea or quick hook. 
The Night Mare World Of Trish Hamlin  is a perfect bridge gap into a horror/science fiction style adventure encounter for the fate of a mid level party as they investigate the death of the victim and could give in  to the menace of the story as themselves. 
Black Communion is a perfect adventure idea that could be added to a Lamentations of Flame Princess or horror game. The story is perfect for a pseudo European style city centered around a Roman Catholic cathedral.
I & I Equal Three is a monster/demon adventure idea with a whole different twist. A very nicely done story that can punch a group of PC's into the deep end of things.
The magazine ends with another Funeral Barge story iconic horror image and one that haunts the whole story through with a nasty Seventies horror vibe. Classic Skywald at its best. 

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