Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weiru' Thus - Royal Martian Tomb City - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Location - For Tonight's Stars Without Numbers Game

Weiru' Thus - Royal Martian Tomb City

Weiru' Thus has only been recently been uncovered by the shifting red sands near the Martian poles. This ancient city of the dead has been given a wide birth because of the ancient Martian guardian creatures that still guard the silent location. Dazzling dust devils of nano dissembler bots will rip apart anyone approaching to closely to the domed location. 
The crystalline structure of its interior glistens in the Martian morning tempting 'relic' and treasure hunters but none have dared its interior. But a brave band of fools is going to plump its secrets in tonight's game.
Its interior of treasures and artifacts has been untouched for eons and it is rumored that the ancient Martians entombed one of the 'Lost Ones' here for eternity bound by their secrets and super science in a tomb of crystal and spun dreams.

Around some of the local smaller bazaars and markets there have been over the years several high technological and weird relics of crystal and super science. Many of these relics have been of a slightly sinister aspect. There have been several rumors of  artifacts trading hands at low lander parties and High Martian banquets.
It has been said in the drinking halls of  Thuvs Thune that the 'Fallen One' was a mercenary prince of his own species not of Martians and only the songs and spells of the ancients keep him from awakening to reek havoc upon the face of Mars. His corpse is kept at absolute zero and watched over by 'guardian spirits' of the most dire of aspects.
Fernando Estel - self-made. Using a JEOL microscope
There have been several inquiries over the last two months about a map that the PC's grabbed a couple of months ago. Now several alien mercenaries ships have landed on Mars and the fire works are about to kick off. So in tonight's game its going to be a running dodging in and out of the Martian desert.
Returning to the Stars Without Numbers rpg  is sort of like coming home. You can find a ton more about SWN right over HERE
I can't wait to grab a copy of the release of Dead Names for the Stars Without Number rpg. 

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