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Free OSR Download Class -First Edition Scout By Leonaru For Your Old School Campaigns

First Edition Scout

Grab It Right
This is a really nice solid work up of the scout from first edition and its pretty much a straight forward as it gets. The author and designer creates a nice mirror of an old school  class that seldom gets any respect today. Scouts are essential in an outdoor style game and places where wilderness is the rule.
This is pretty much a download, print out and play sort of pdf and contains virtually everything that a players needs from the ground up to play a scout. There are myriad of classes from this author each well done and usible right off the download. The scout isn't an except to this rule and this is a well organized version of the class.
As the write up from lulu states: 

This is the scout character class for the first edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game and all other old-school games compatible with it. The PDF includes the full class description and a custom scout character sheet.
From race to level progression all of the background is presented very concisely and yet with a sense of old school style.
So why is this class on my science fiction and fantasy side of the blog? Well simply put scouts are one of the most useful and easily overlooked classes for use with a post apocalyptic wasteland setting or a sword and planet setting. This is a very useful pdf addition to a DM's arsenal and one that adds a nice dimension to a native planetary guide or even an alien tracker.
Scouts can add an entire other angle to games and can be used in a plethora of time periods to add another dimension of interest and adventure opportunity to your old school games.They can appear in sword and sorcery campaigns, Old West period pieces, Roman based games, etc. The uses here are numerous.
Scouts have always been a handy addition to NPC and hireling ranks as well. They have several abilities that make them essential to bounty hunting parties and any wilderness based adventures. This pdf adds in everything that a first edition game will need right in one free downloadable package. This pdf clocks in at six pages of useful material in one solidly done package. And best of all its free. Over the last three weeks or so I've quietly learned to enjoy and incorporate several of the reworks and redoes that this author has done. Grab this one for a nice addition to your old school campaigns.
The author knows his old school games very well and this class is pretty obviously a labor of love on his part as are other classes that I've downloaded from his Lulu author page. This class can be adapted to a variety of retroclones and systems with a bit of work and this pdf contains everything a DM needs to get started with using scouts in their games right away.

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