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Free Creepy Magazine Issue 43 As Fodder For Your Old School Campaigns

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Creepy Issue #43 is a perfect echo of yesteryear taking us all the way back to 1971 with cover art by Ken Kelly and the usual gallery of high caliber Creepy and Warren artists.
This issue starts out with some of that good old fashioned Uncle Creepy's Loathsome Lore and kicks it into high gear with a look into 1971's comic book fandom. A real contrast to the community now. Gaming fuel wise is Three Way Split to star things off a very interesting look into the alternative Earth style of corporate in fighting and backstabbing, a lovely little tale of brain, heart, and organ bank hi-jinks that can be adapted to an old school cyberpunk or even a post apocalyptic campaign.
The Mark of Satan's Claw is a story done in the old school Hammer tradition, a tale that concerns a very nasty little cult operating out of the English countryside proving that not all deals are cut and dry with cults.
A very useful little gem of a tale perfect for those old school investigations into the occult where a switch is needed. The perfect plot hook is for the PC's to pick up when the action of the tale ends and your party is brought into the affair!
 The Men Who Called Him Monster is my favorite of the tales and spins a web of supernatural terror and werewolf inspired weirdness. Alexander Richards the main character of the story is African American and could have appeared in any number of other Marvel tales such as Curse of Dracula. He's everything an investigator of the occult needs to be. He's confident, sure of himself, interesting, brave, and open to circumstance. If your going to bring in a PC into the swinging Seventies filled with occult horror. This is really the guy your going to want at your party's side. 
One thing this guy makes a perfect NPC foil for a party of adventurers to interact with. He's got a history with the supernatural, there's dark deeds in his past, and he's a pro. A good solid mix to add into a game as a patron. 
This story also features  one of the first interracial kisses that I came across as a kid and the main protagonist
of the story looks like the movie star Sidney Poitier.

This issue's story also feature's some great werewolf artwork inspired by Werewolf of London one of my all time favorites.
Is there a connection between the monsters? Possibly but you'll have to link them yourself as a DM. More information right over HERE  on the classic 1935 film.

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