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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #48: Unique Superscience Artifacts IV From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic and Old School Campaigns

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There are times when a DM really needs a high level and sophiscated relic or artifact. This issue of the Wisdom From The Wastelands provides the DM with exactly those types of high level tools and gives even more options for a unique wasteland relic encounter during an adventure but there's more to it then that.
Many of the items in here were partially derived and created with material the appears in Goblinoid Games Advanced Companion as per earlier issues of Wisdom From the Wasteland in this series. It also means that much of this material is cross compatible with other retroclone and original systems of the world's most popular fantasy role playing game. Even though its meant to be used in a Science Fantasy setting. The Skirmisher crew does a nice job of providing items that can be dropped into a science fictional, fantasy, science fantasy, or post apocalyptic backdrop without upsetting the apple cart of a campaign.
The Drivethrurpg Blurb:
The unique items in this issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands are so advanced they appear magical to post-apocalyptic peoples. Although intended for use with Mutant Future, these items could easily be used in other science-fiction or fantasy games. Each has a history that will hopefully enrich, inspire, and possibly drive your own gaming story and, if desired, could become a central plot point or continuing idea for a whole gaming session or even an entire campaign. 

This issue of Wisdom From The Wasteland continues the previous series of 'Super Science' building guidelines and example for relics and artifacts that are very highly advanced. This issue places a selection of artifacts right in the DM's hands for your old school post apocalyptic campaigns. And the guys a Skirmisher do a very nice job of balancing these items out. But this relics should be very carefully used. Seriously these are high level relics and might easily find their way into a post colony science fictional space based game as well. 

This is one of my favorite of this particular series of WoW issues and its done with wit as well as style. There are seven high level artifacts and relics that can make your wasteland encounters particularly deadly. These range from the Area to the Splatter Gun and are easily slipped into the background setting of an adventure as mini encounters unto themselves. I can see these items appearing in a multiplicity of post apocalyptic games from a Metamorphosis Alpha style game of post colony generation ship hi jinks to a full blown Stars Without Number style campaign. 
The items are high level, interesting, and very well done. That being said I can also see these items being campaign wreckers or starters depending upon how they are used and where they are placed within an adventure.
The last bit in this issue is a mutation that goes right along with the vibe of the super science artifacts of this issue, Environmental Adaptation is perfect for those inter system or interstellar colony mutants. A great way to get a 'Logan's Run' Style Dome city colony upon the Exo planet of your choosing. A nice addition to a great issue of WoW, are the other issues necessary to have? No but this article will make far more sense if you do have it. This issue presents a nice set up of 'super science' relic options on the table for memorable adventure construction in the post apocalyptic world of your choice. 

Using Wisdom From The Wastelands
Issue #48
For Your Old School Campaigns

As I said above these items should be used with some caution but that goes without saying this is a great set of relics. Many of these should have limited usage to PC's as at least two I'm going to be using for set dressing and background flavor for two up coming adventures.
Placement of these items might even set the stage for the type of post apocalyptic encounter that the DM is trying to do. From a downed space craft to a post apocalyptic government facility ruin that doesn't have to be as wrecked as it might first appear. These relics have the potential to certainly challenge a party to think rather then act especially if some of these are pointed in their direction.
The skin shifter and arena have the potential to change PC's in fundamental ways and should be carefully placed in the wastes. All in all this issue puts some very high level tools right into the DM's lap and all of this for the price of a dollar menu hamburger. The fact is that this isn't dollar menu quality material from Skirmisher. 

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