Friday, December 5, 2014

First Impressions Of The Silent Legions Kickstarter Beta Rpg Rules By Kevin Crawford As Your Old School Horror Campaign

I grabbed a bit of time this afternoon to check out the Beta Rules set for the new Silent Legions Rpg, and I've have to say I'm pretty damned impressed with the Beta rules.
The low down is that Silent Legions is a complete sand box campaign horror rules set within the modern era. The player classes  are scholar, dilettante, and bruiser which can easily be customized as the player and DM sees fit. The book is filled with lots of blank spots on the map, But what a map it is, clocking in at over 170 pages this is pretty damn good size book for a Beta. There's lots of options, and hard core decisions that have made to bring this game to the public. The sandbox aspect is evident right off the bat here.
There's enough material to generate some interesting PC's, there's the rub right there enough to generate the basics and then begin to move straight into the  background horror setting tables. There are lots of tables but this allows true customization to adventure background setting aspects.
There's some very interesting variations on the familiar formula's laid down the Stars Without Numbers Rpg. This game has its horror background completely randomized. There's plenty of tables to generate a boat load of occult and Lovecraftian horrors, circumstances, and lots of high weirdness in the background of the game itself. This allows the DM to keep the players on their toes and avoid the 'monster of the week' aspect that crops up using the monster book from the world's most popular fantasy rpg.
There's the psychic powers and what areas that those cover has been ported over from SWN but these are local to Silent Legion itself. Stars Without Number can easily serve as a back up campaign frame work for Silent Legion and Crawford does a good job balancing the two games. But there could be some major chances with this being a Beta version of the game. The rpg presents its background as mysterious, dangerous, and very, horrifying depending upon your rolls.
That's where the game really shines, the fact that the author is balancing a ton of horror cliche's but making them available to the Dm in such a way to create a very unique ride of horror fueled nightmare inducing old school horror adventure to their won campaign.
The Pc's skill checks, saves, etc are very similar to those found within Stars Without Number. There are some minor and major tweaks to give Silent Legions a feel of separation and make this a completely stand alone game.
This is a game that does straight up old school sand box horror very well. It includes a set of sanity and insanity rules that I actually like a lot and there are options for allowing SWN psychics to deal with some of the tramua associated with encountering the various Lovecrafian horrors your DM will be dreaming up with Silent Legion. 
The game has lots of options for  of the major Lovecraftian horrors,backgrounds, and straight up a game steeped in the subject matter and the author knows his business even this beta.
All in all the game has a very solid modern twist with its equipment, fire arms, and PC options. Everything here is set firmly in the modern era. From the turn of the century and up till now as well as near future make this game an ideal basement level kitchen sink set of rules to pull from for modern role playing.
The magic system is broken down into the black, white, and grey category for spells.. There is a smattering of rites, spells, and rituals. Many of these are covered with their own random table to create the right feel of horror gaming that this rpg explorers. 
All in all Silent Legion is pretty damn impressive document  for a Beta set of rules but from my own perspectives and the quick read through. Silent Legions is a very well presented product and I can't wait to get my hands on the finished product. 

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