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New Artifact - Phasic Shashka Sword For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

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Photo by Hanna Zelenko - Photo made by EugeneZelenko's mother, Hanna Zelenko
A super science  variation of the traditional  Shashka saber from Old Earth, a a special kind of sabre; a very sharp, single-edged, single-handed, and guardless sword with a special self regenerating phasic generator and used in conjunction with a special super science artifact  dagger as well. The sword is based upon the Caucasus type.
Many Uralian pirate clans exclusively use these weapons at their side when battling planet side or in certain ship to ship boarding actions. They regard the blades as almost scared weapons and will kill anyone who owns one of these blades unless under the 'known' protection or as a member of a pirate tribe or guild. These weapons do 1d8 +2 in Stars without Number damage and use Str and Dex exclusively as their attribute base.  More Information on the Uralian pirates faction  can be found HERE

The blade's hilt contains a micro Phasic generating device whose secret construction give the blade a +1 cutting edge, other more expensive and better constructed swords gain more pluses as the blades were often laser etched and created from mono molecular materials. The scabbards were often of alien and exotic woods that can hold the special blades. The Phasic Shashka Sword's construction were almost all based upon the Ancient Caucasus Russian traditions. Many spacer pirates and scavenger tribes often used the best available exotic and super science materials for their constructions. 
Like most medieval and then imperial Russian weaponry of the time that these weapons based upon,  the shashka and its scabbard were very ornately decorated, with gold and silver engravings, embedded gems and stones placed into, and figures carved out of or into, the hilts.
According to some ancient internet sources such as Wiki : 
Caucasus type where the handle almost sits inside the scabbard, this type was used by Kuban Cossack and tribes from Caucasus. Only one problem was with this type of shashka that during rain water could go down into the scabbard, but this type of shashka was very light 300-400 grams, very flexible, strong and sharp. The best and most famous shashkas of this types were Gurda (strong and sharp like bulat), Volchek (running wolf symbol on the blade). 

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There is far more information upon the weapons that the Phasic Shashka Swords are based right

From time to time Phasic Shashka Swords have been found in old Russian Martian colony ruins on various alternative post apocalyptic alternative Martian locations. Uralian pirates pay quite handsomely for the return of these blades. Or if approached wrong have destroyed adventurers looking for their troubles.

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In the Bandits and Battlecruisers rpg terms a Phasic Shashka Sword is right within Star Child levels of technology and closely associated with space pirate clans. The weapons are a sure sign that the PC's are scoundrels and space scum and the authorities aren't going to take very kindly to a PC possessing one. They will be the subject of much scrutiny and observation by space and planetary authorities. There is also the possibility as well for PC's possessing one for being detained and arrested for merely having these weapons.


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