Sunday, December 14, 2014

1d10 Random Space Brothels Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Opera

Space brothels offer opportunity, and danger to adventurers as well as explorers in the back waters of the universe where the more sleazy element can be encountered in your old school space based games. Here's a quick selection of encounters to throw at your PC's visiting the local space station or planetary houses of ill repute.
1d10 Random Space Brothels Random Encounter Table

  1. A team of 1d8 adventurers coming to spend credits & blow off steam, there is a 40% chance of them having artifacts and relics to sell as well. 3% chance of them wanting to deal and talk before seeing the house's talent. 
  2. An information broker looking for potential clients because the house is actually a local galactic spy net work as well as a house of ill business. There is a 10% chance that it is actually a xeno shape shifter guild of assassins in addition to sex workers. 
  3. A gaggle of alien ladies and men of the evening returning from the local bars for 'evening hours', these near humanoids are out for profit and fun but may also deal in low level illicit drugs as well. 
  4. A rival madam and body guard scoping out the local talent and looking for more business. She's looking for clever adventurers for a job aboard a local space station upon a minor crime and thieve's guild. 
  5. A single lady of the evening is looking for a group of bodyguards against a local cult of fanatics who want to murder her. She is actually a rival religion's figure head and she's been hiding out in this local house. They've only just caught up with her now. 
  6. This house of ill repute is actually a very sophisticated medical hospital and doc shop specializing in spacer injuries and space medicine. The sex worker bit is a sideline and they also sell oxygen and some minor spacer supplies. Each worker is actually a 3rd level cleric and healer. 
  7. The group encounters a gang of dangerous cut throats looking for some easy markers. A mix of 3rd level fighters armed with energy weapons. These fools have been doused with a light combat drug to start trouble so that the local law can round up the trouble markers and ship them out as crew aboard a deep space salvage operation. They will gain surprise against any party they meet. Very dangerous and hair trigger tempers. 
  8. A sex worker who also moon lights as an energy weapon sales person for a local corporation . She/he will offer a discount on all purchases of minor and hand weapons. She shifts sex and coloration telepathically depending upon clientele. Light telepathic abilities and near human. A very attractive sales person and work who is also a 2nd level fighter in her own right. 
  9. A highly intelligent Lovecraftian monster of singular aspect that works for a local cult recruiting and devouring certain clients. The thing works eight hours a day and is wildly popular because of the exotic nature of its 'practices', the thing feeds off mental energies of its clients while giving them the 'ultimate' fantasy. The thing sometimes burns out client's minds and devours the body. 
  10. This seemingly innocent alien worker is actually planning to assassinate  the house madam, she's looking to hire adventurers as additional muscle. The assassin's guild has gotten wind of this move and are going to make an example of her and any business associates and clients in the flashy's manner possible. She has 4000 credits hidden within her room, should anything happen to her, a very dangerous underworld figure will seek revenge against the PC's for their reprieved role in her murder. 

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