Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free OSR Download - Underworld Kingdom Volume One: Explorers of the Unknown By Albert Rakowski For Your Old School Campaigns

Need a solid old school download to round out your science fantasy campaigns? Well I recommend Underworld Kingdom Volume One: Explorers of the Unknown By Albert Rakowski which has a whole bunch of old school goodness within. This nice little volume contains a plethora of information including mutational tables, prophecy tables, and a whole lovely little bunch of tables perfect to add a bit more weirdness to your old school games.

Underworld Kingdom Volume One: Explorers of the Unknown

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From old school random names for NPC's to equipment lists this little free volume contains a whole packet of material that can quickly be added to your favorite retro clone system or old school science fantasy game. Many of these systems would later be incorporated into the author's Bandits and Battlecruiser title. But this title is perfect to add in a bit flare to your old school campaigns. The author has done an excellent job of adding in and an expanding the old school equipment lists.
This is a pretty sweet little free download, everything is nice and concisely done and ready to drop into an existing campaign. The idea here are fresh and interesting enough to add a new bit of flare to a campaign in play already.
This is only the first volume in a series of books, these supplements are perfect for use as adventure generators. They're filled with a myriad of random tables that can be applied to any number of genres. With a few throws you can have a suitable background for a villainous NPC or an extended background for your PC. But with this book you can add everything from background to prophecies concerning your dungeon.
All in all not a bad little book to add into your OSR DM's tool box, a nice free addition to help add yet another dimension to adventures and parties of adventurers. 

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