Friday, December 12, 2014

Six Old School Post Apocalyptic Cult Movies As Influence Upon Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Here's a quick list of  post & apocalyptic films to get the juices flowing on a new campaign for your table top. A quick list of some movies that echo the old school influence.
As with all things your mileage may vary quite a bit.

The original Terminator from 1984 

Still one of the most influential movies of all time. This one screams  to be used once again. Never really equaled. This film has been echoed but never really equaled. Cyborgs don't really go out of style they just upgrade.

 Terminator II 1991 

Yes this one continues the epic and proves that sequels can equal the first film. This film inspired countless PA campaigns to come in the years ahead. There's still plenty to borrow and mine from this gem of a film for your wasteland action. 

The Stand From 1994 
While never quite up to the book, this mini series has some interesting twists and turns that can be used as a backdrop for PA adventuring. There have been plenty of times when I've taken the Dark Tower route with this one and used the world of the Stand as an alternative Earth where Captain Tripps has had its run and the looting opportunities abound. Not widely known anymore this one proves a whole lot of potential to a DM if exploited right.
They don't come anymore iconic or deadly as call me Snake.
'Snake Pliskin', still an old favorite after all these years. Another film that can provide hours of inspiration for your wastelands and the soundtrack is still awesome as well.  This is one of those films that even while I own it on DVD, its still one that I watch when its on television. 
Escape From New York
Not as heavy handed as the Night Of The Living Dead films but ever so 80's is this classic, its got every little thing you need to keep your party of mutants steeped in the 84 vibe of awesomeness. After all Daddy always did like you best. 
Night Of The Comet 1984 

Space Vampires, zombies, apocalyptic horror bits, and more, Life Force is one of those films that can provide a bit of inspiration to have your wastelands suddenly teaming with soul sucking zombies as the comet with the ship returns after the events of this film. A classic Tobe Hooper effort that seldom gets remembered these days! Did I mention Patrick Stewart and the nuclear powered space shuttle known as the Church Hill?
Life Force 1985 

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