Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Beyond The Silver Threshold' - A Supernatural Horror Adventure Encounter For BASH & Call Of Cthulhu On The Dark Corner Blog

An artifact has been uncovered among the dusty shelves of a New England museum and has been spreading a blood curse of terrifying power causing blood shed and supernatural horror wherever it goes but this is just the beginning. The terrible power it represents will cause all who come in contact with it to have their lives altered forever. A horror adventure encounter for the BASH or Call of Cthulhu system based upon the creations of Clint Staples the author of the Mythos Guide To New England!

Photo by Johnbod 

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  1. Ogie Boggie Whisk and happy holiday to you! Hoping the family had a great holiday Whisk! Cheers!

  2. Was a very very nice Christmas season, that's for sure. How about you? Only thing really different this year, is it's like spring outside. And yesterday, I saw the first spring ant which is odd for living in a snowbelt.

    Happy Gaming & Happy 2015.

  3. We've had a very nice Christmas and the holidays are shaping up pretty nice as well. And I'm not happy to hear about the ant Whisk but there you go.
    Happy Gaming & Happy 2015 to you and the family as well.


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