Monday, December 15, 2014

New Lovecraftian Monster - Red Variuri or False Santa Guardians For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Number appearing : 1

 Movement: 120'(40)
Alignment: Choatically evil 
Hit Dice : 6 
Attack: 2 By weapon often armed with a +1 weapon ( see below) 
Damage 1d8 battle ax or long sword 
Save: Fighter 10
% in lair: 60%
Treasure type : H 
Morale: 9
Special : Undead immunity, Level Drain 

A creation of the twisted forces of 'The Outer Darkness' and the misfortune of  wizards trying to attane the 'Mantle of Immortality' without the use of the proper spells and wards. False Santas are twisted undead lich like beings created by the higher worldly forces of the Mantle as  it twists down the existence of the wizard and burns out the soul of the poor bastard. The Mantle creates a twisted version of the memories and thoughts of Santas of the past going back thousands of years.
The victim of the Mantle's power is granted immortality of a sort but a twisted version of it. The 'False Santa' is actually a soul sucking undead abomination that casts necormatic spells at the sixth level and has level draining abilities as a Specter. According to legend the 'False Santa' reveals the Mantle's connection to the 'negative plane' others simply point the fact that Mantle has safeguards against granting immortality without the intercession of the Fairy Kings and Queen's discretion.
The crimson clothed guardians are often armed with a +1 weapon of sharpness that also infects those it hits with a soul numbing cold  effect as well unless a save vs death is made.
False Santas are greedy, psychotic, murderous treasure hoarders who often keep a wide selection of treasures and trophies taken from adventurers and would be heroes.
False Santas are sometimes summoned by evil elemental cults who venerate the Great Old Ones to act as guardians of treasure or to over see dark rites as well as rituals. These horrors have connections to the Wendigo but these deep connections are not easily understood by right thinking folk. 

 The False Santa is immune to sleep charm and other mind effecting spells. And are often found scattered throughout the planes on ice or snow laden plains in lairs of solid frozen elemental ice. They are served by twisted elven like creatures known as murder elves, psychopathic horrors that delight in murder and mayhem of the most depraved type. False Santas often guard ancient relics or treasures of godlike importance or of  a horrible aspect. They are sometimes served by twisted golem beings known as toy soldiers, full sized soldiers of clock work mechanism and undead flesh. Often times False Santas will employ 1d6 helpers or toy makers who are actually 3rd or 4th level dark wizards in their own right to help in the maintenance of their undead forces and artifacts.
False Santas are sometimes found on the prime material plane lairing in abandon Christmas themed amusement parks, Christmas tree shops, and other holiday themed places. They have been known to take up residence within the post apocalyptic wasteland as well. 

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