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New 1d10 Finds From Alternative Earths and Other Dimensions Table For Your Old School

Given the planar power sources  and alternative other worldly energy sources that the Ancients were playing with when the apocalyptic events took it all away. There are are bound to be items, relics, and artifacts that have an other worldly or extra dimensional origin to them. Here are a small sampling of the types of 'treasures' that can crop up in the wastes from time to time. 

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1d10 Finds From Alternative Earths
and Other  Dimensions  Table

  1. A child's doll that actually houses a demonic personality and is the last refuge for a very evil and calculating A.I.; the doll has a fortune in bio ware technologies laced through it and is capable of making incredible plans but its completely psychotic. The doll knows many of the most common relics and artifact operations and uses. But pre apocalyptic events are twisted and strange because of the item's perceptions after falling through a time space gate. 
  2. A small piece of jewelry with a glittering emerald jewel, the gold work and such have a slight radioactive signature but the item changes slowly when looked at sideways. There are makers marks that line up with no known jewelers from the Ancients and the jewel is actually a crystalline data storage device of incredible complexity that contains forbidden knowledge. 
  3. The cybernetic or robotic hand of some ancient postitronic organism that is actually the memory repository for a very complex android that is not found in the ruins. The A.I. when activated is benevolent but very tactically ruthless and describes events not of this world. It describes the PC's as the last hope for humanity and can lead them to an unknown time space gate near by where adventure  awaits. 
  4. A wrecked electric pentacle that is carbon scored and burned all of the way through. There are massive claw marks on the item and a manufacturer from the area where the PC's are from but no such maker of these was ever there. A tortured and malevolent demonic essence haunts the thing and will return in 1d6 hours to bedevil anyone whose touched or handled the thing. 
  5. A golden book containing the nine million names and wards of the gods that will protect the just and weak against the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The book's pages are metallic and there is an incredible feeling benevolence when handling the item. The book will protect against any evil or necromatic magic or psychic abilities. An angelic guide will come for the book in 1d8 days after it is found with a mission of cosmic importance. The book has been lost and only a group of true heroes can thwart the riders from wrecking another world. 
  6. A strange glowing crystal rod bends time and space around it causing anyone who handles it to lose 1d10 weeks of time. The thing is from a wrecked time machine nearby and will activate the broken mechanism causing all within 30 meters to travel 1d100 years to witness the traveler having an accident. They can prevent the event or let it happen. Those who prevent it will find themselves engaged as part of a three sided time war and they are merely pawns within the game. 
  7. This golden casket of incredible beauty and complexity is part of an ancient legacy of super science and contains the inheritance of an alien civilization. The PC's must preform a mission to secure its legacy for their own world's future. Each of the PC's will be under a geas after coming in contact with it. 
  8. The wrecked wings of some ancient statue but these are actually the wings of some alien god spirit that has been doing battle upon this plane. These wings leak a very toxic substance and only a nearby rod of power will banish them. Already a wizard wishes to claim these horrid artifacts and is on his way with a war part of 1d6 mutant warriors. The PC's will be linked in his mind with these artifacts. 
  9. A small bread box sized piece of alien machinery capable of sending 1d10 people to another plane the second its handled. There are multiple versions of this same device scattered across the planes only by assembling all 1d20 pieces can the party return home. 
  10. A bio mechanical orb that is actually the source of cybernetic plague of horror and depravity is the target for every wizard and warlord within 200 klicks of the item since its appearance upon this world. The PC's happen upon it and must neutralize the threat.  

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