Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review and Commentary 100 Thrift Store Items, More Crap! From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Thrift Stores are the red headed step children of  the ruins of towns, villages, and other places. A zone of loot and opportunity that DM over look as an adventure location and opportunity. Well once again Dave Woodrum and Fishwife games comes up with another post apocalyptic product I didn't know I needed but now I can see all kinds of twisted uses for.
100 Thrift Store Items, More Crap! follows the exact formula of these products a very concisely put together list of  items, junk, and whatnot to stuff the pouches, bags, and what have you of adventures with treasure. The pdf is only two pages and gives the post apocalyptic DM everything they need to fill the ruined shelves of a former thrift stores or dollar store locations which for urban or country adventures are perfect.
This is the second product in this series and these locations can offer a DM a great opportunity to set up a monster's lair or mutant tribe right within a thrift store. Another thing that can be done with this locations is their use small scale locations for minor treasures such as those find within the AD&D 1st edition's DM's guide. This list provides the icing on the cake for such locations.
These pdfs are well put together, they're system agnostic and can be used with any old school post apocalyptic game or even modern gaming system for that matter.

Using 100 Thrift Store Items, More Crap!
For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Being the second in the series I recommend grabbing the first of this series and then diving into the deep end of ideas for using this one.  Yes this can be used to salt those zombie infested cities that have been cropping up like flies across the face of post apocalyptic gaming. And this list could also be used to salt apartments and various other urban and deep city ruin locations with treasures of the Ancients.
Other ideas are to use this list to deck out weird little shops like Christmas Village variety junk shops as well with certain items.
These charts can also be used for ruin themed sporting events such as those found in certain old school post apocalytic campaigns to indicate especially rich zones of ruins where mid level mutant monsters are lurking.
One thing about post apocalyptic gaming a DM can never have enough loot charts, artifact charts, and relic lists. This is another tool in the DM arsenal for more post apocalyptic fun. A bit of advice is to wait for a real sale from Drivethru or Rpgnow. 

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