Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quick Shout Out For Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terrors Horror Anthology Comic Magazine

As an independent and self employed guy I'm all about the DYI comic book movement and the OSR. A good example of this is Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror. A self published horror anthology that hearkens back to the incredible days of the black and white comic magazines like Creepy and Eerie. This is a sold horror anthology genre comic magazine.
The intoduction on Facebook by Jason Crawley does a very nice set up on these horror filled wonders :
A self published magazine size horror anthology (not available in stores) Hosted by The Bloke, a Victorian Undertaker character of writer Jason 'The Bloke' Crawley. Remember when horror anthologies were printed in the glorious over sized magazine format? We do too and so we decided to produce this new anthology in such a format! Featuring painted cover art and a mix of retro and modern style artwork to cater to all tastes, along with a new host called The Bloke to entertain and encourage you to read these tales, Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror brings back the good ole days with a modern twist to keep you entertained as you work your way through each page!

Grab Em Right Over

The layout is swift and tight, the artwork very well done for a black & white, the interplay for horror anthology is very reminiscence of the 1970's Warren style comics. 
The artwork and everything speaks mes to an even older independent tradition going back in time to pulp magazines like Weird Tales, and other lurid horror anthology magazines. There is a tradition of the lurid and haunting blood soaked stories among the magazine wracks that this title speaks with. 

 The artwork as I said echoes another time period and has something about that carries with it an old school vibe that comes across as part of this new school tradition of comic book independence.

There is a certain gut level appreciation that the author/artist has for his subject matter and that comes across here in spades. The attention to detail and subject matter is something that the horror reader would wise to look at. Jason Crawley knows his gut churning and blood filled subject matter. 

Now is one the best times to get on board with Terrible Tomb because the anthology title has collected many of the issues right under one roof. The artwork is some of the better black and white efforts that I've recently seen and echos the old school horror tradition of classic horror anthologies of the past. The artwork below has been used countless times for science fiction shocker stories but that's a good thing because its nice to see quality writing and attention to the little things like traditional comic horror. What we get here is the deep throaty roar of a 1960's and 70's horror magazine done to today. 
Comics like this are as exclusive to our generation as mom, Apple pie, and Famous Monsters of Filmland. This is exactly the sort of stuff I cut my teeth on for old school horror.

Titles such this one are as much homage as they are labors of love. You see nods everyplace in these comics to the greats of the past and Jason really does a nice job of supporting his audience with new artwork,communication and more with the Facebook page of his available right over

The artwork, covers, and ideas here are solidly done and very well thought-out but these are new tales and not rezip lined 1940's and 50's tales with new chrome and a slick paint job. 
Everything here is creator driven, owned, and published and so I throw my coin with this magazine. 

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