Monday, October 13, 2014

Heads Up On The King Solomon's Mines-Classics Reimagined Kick Starter Going On Now!

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Some great comic book professionals are putting together a great forty eight page graphic novel of epic porporations. This is a brand new take on the old classic and takes the classic material back to its pulp roots and then brings it into an epic and action packed direction but of course it needs funding and all of the other myriad costs that come with such graphic projects.
I know the incredible work of the artists, writers, and folks involved. This is a straight up venture that I can't wait to see more magic of the folks involved.
 According to the Kick starter page : 

Welcome to the new KING SOLOMON'S MINES --a colorful and sexy new 48 page graphic novel by Pablo Marcos & Mark Ellis!
The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel is a fresh take on H.Rider Haggard's classic tale of adventure and treasure hunting in 19th century Africa.
King Solomon's Mines
This adaptation by the team of legendary comics illustrator Pablo (Conan The Barbarian, Tales of the Zombie) Marcos and best-selling author Mark (Outlanders, Doc Savage, Justice Machine) Ellis brings a new and colorful perspective to the Victorian-era yarn.

The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel by Pablo Marcos and Mark Ellis is just the first of several planned projects (with Ying Ko Graphics) featuring "reimagined" classic adventure heroes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's CHALLENGER rendered here by the ever-awesome Jeff Slemons, Jules Verne's NEMO by the uber-talented Steven E Gordon and of course, HR Haggard's QUATERMAIN, by the legendary Pablo Marcos.
So here we've got a great project that has a new take on this classic pulp work and like so many of the incredible wonderful other projects this one needs your help. I've seen some of the artwork associated with this one and its a great take on the Haggard material. There is a certain epicness associated with King Solomon's Mines and a feeling of continuing almost pulp level journey that comes with the writing and artwork. 

King Solomon's Mines
.  The work will really focus on the hero's journey into the world of Allen Quarterman and continue to pull the reader into the artists and writer's take on the world that Haggard created. We see a totally different take on King Solomon's Mine while pinning down the hero and cast for further adventures. A very nice bit of slight of hand work while entertaining the audience here in this graphic novel.

 One thing about this project, Ellis and co always support their various projects with Facebook groups and more. You can join this Facebook group right over HERE

I love the sheer fun and incredible pulp artwork & writing  that is associated with this project. Its nice to see the Haggard material being used properly and with a nice old school take here. I'm going to continue to follow this project and see where it goes. Please take a moment and let's get Haggard's  Darkest Africa into the hands of modern pulp readers.

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