Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fire Fight In The Undertown - Mutant Epoch rpg Actual Play Session Mission

The PC's were able to escape and disarm all of the traps from the Scrap Lurkers and deal with the aftermath of a running fire fight in the undercity dungeon below the trade town that they had tracked a copy of cyborg operatives down into.
Then began a running battle beneath the city and a sudden game of cat & mouse with a psychotic band of mutant warriors.
The PC's were lead away from a pre holocaust cyborg operating theater and one of the weird Fall Out style labs where men where once turned into military style weapons of war and destruction.
The underworld lead to many hidden entrances and exits below the trade town. They found a cybernetic military style body worth a good amount in the lab way below the city sewers and were able to get it back top side before blowing the lab.
Blowing the lab wasn't as good an idea as they'd thought though because it let swarms of giant mutant rats into the city and it took them some effort to help the city guards slaughter the damn things.
In a concerted effort the rat problem was contained with new grates, some grenades, and lots of muscle as well as fire power.
After a bit of a reward for helping contain the rat problem, the PC's were approached by two arms dealers looking for military hardware. So began a bargaining and trade session that looted the PC's some minor fire arms and got that cybernetic body off their hands. They made out with a machine gun or two but their stock of grenades has been going down dealing with some of the mutant threats that has been coming their way lately along the highway.
A telepathic interlude gave them a bit of inside into the fact that these arms dealers  were a bit more then what they really seemed. They were actually agents working for some higher level mutant warlord and he wasn't too pleased that some of his military hardware was sold off to a bunch of  his hardware. The PC's 'acquired' some maps from these agents in trade as well. These maps showed a few super science diagrams and looted military installations up and down the Eastern coast of the United States. They're resident technician is trying to make heads or tales from some of these. They're some very advanced calculations written into the sides of these documents.
The party is very curious about these installations that these maps allude to and what's going on there. These maps indicate that some of these installations are still active and in use.
What does this have to do with the cyborgs and android agents that the party has tangled with over the course of this campaign only time will tell.
 More coming up. 

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