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1d10 UFO Random Unexpected Finds Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Even as the winds blow across the post apocalyptic wastelands, there are strange and unexpected visitors to the shores of small planet. Some of these are aliens from other worlds and still others are from beyond the bounds of small Earth. Here are a selection of strange and weird artifacts left behind after the lights from the Wastes have faded.

1d10 UFO Random Unexpected Finds Table
  1. A golden brick like object that glows with a strange slightly radioactive inner light. This weird material is cover with unknown writing. Every three minutes the piece of weird debris like material pulses and releases a pulse of unknown energy. This energy can heal for 1d4 points of damage or mutate any three hit point life form. There is a sonic key that can control the effect but only a super science device will allow it to be found.  
  2. A silver metallic rod with two polymer crystal like globes on either end that glow slightly in the presence of mutants a bluish green colour and solid green in the presence of pure strain humans. The rod grows warm to the touch as its used and feels weirdly like dry human sky even though its metal. 
  3. A small round steel like donut shaped part with strange whorl like patterns all over it. The object is a slight radioactive hazard but can be handled for 1d6 rounds before it becomes a hazard to an adult humanoid. Should the donut be analyzed it will contain millions of gigabytes of alien data including plans for super science devices. 
  4. A glass like crystal cylinder containing a high density slime like flesh material that reacts as if live and is capable of acting as a black pudding but also is able to copy any material's hardness and properties on a monocular level. The stuff will react weirdly to human contact on the glass like material container even glowing with a soft inner light. 
  5. A weird three centimeter long machine with multiple toggle switches across its surface. This device has several modes but will do 1d8 points of damage to victim with a radioactive ray of incredible scope that has a 20 meter range. The device will rearrange itself after it has fired and make it very confusing to find this mode again. It will arrange itself into several modes after each use most if not all of these will be very alien looking and the device has not been made for human hands really. 
  6. An ancient cup like device that will fill with super heated plasma energy contained within an energy field. The device is capable of keeping this strange effect under control. Any tampering with this device will cause it to spew 1d10 points of damage to anything or anyone within line of effect. There are the remains of several weird metallic like branches at the top of the cup part of the device. It has what seems like unlimited charges. But in fact has 1d30 charges when found. 
  7. A strange beautiful kaleidoscope like fabric device that has in fact the same effect as green slime when spread across organic flesh and material. The fabric will cover a six meter area and break down over 80 kilograms of material per 1d6 rounds. Garbage, refuse, branches,etc. is broken down on a molecular level and reduced to carbon powder. The thing makes a purring sound as it goes about its work. 
  8. An ancient barrel chested robotic horror left behind because of a broken wire. This thing will snap to life if its fixed with a wisdom or technology roll. The thing still has alien programming will carry out a weird programmed agenda. It will gather junk, bits of plastic and more fashioning a transmitter with any radio it can get a hold of to transmit to its master. The robotiod is the equivalent of a light engineering or technician robot. It may 20% chance to convert any other robot nearby into another model like itself. Both will continue their programming and send for their masters. 
  9. A small silver black cube that actually contains an ancient and powerful alien wizard whose goal is build an android body to continue its reign of terror on Earth from which it was exiled centuries before. The thing is a master psychic and mutant having a vast array of mental powers none of which work whist its in its solidified prison of time energy. 
  10. A rod belonging to an ancient and powerful alien god who will try to possess the fool who picks this ancient weapon of mass destruction up. The rod is able to deal out energy blasts capable of doing 1d6 points of damage. A flying saucer filled with a gang of alien bounty hunters will be dispatched to hunt down the thing and destroy the 'possessed' should the thing be found by some fool. 

This table was inspired by the old 70's television show UFO.

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