Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Map Resource - Original Red Brotherhood Citadel For Your Old School Campaign

Grab It Right 

When it come to nasty locations for the villains or cults in old school campaigns, this isn't a bad tower to drop into some ancient place where the demon winds howl and the horrors of ancient times roar upon the wind.
This is described as a map that the DM can use with little preparation and can support a wizard or cult to bedevil PC's in a wide variety of ways. They're very well done maps and with a quick print out are perfect for any retroclone style campaign. 
Dare you try and find your way through this maze of angled rooms and twisting ways? What kind of sick mind built this place anyway? Come in and find out.
I've used these maps for a recent Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea style game with lots of twists and turns. This location has also gotten a work out in a few old school space based games and used as a Chaos location in a fifth edition Stormbringer style campaign. 
This Citadel is rife with potential for a DYI make over for your campaign, the tower makes an excellent planar traveling location so that it can appear on a wide variety of venues in your old school games. From a post apocalyptic wasteland to a ruin tempting PC's out in the middle of the wilderness or as the head quarters of a wizard, cult, or Lovecraftian horror. 
This map pack is system neutral and a snap to download, print out, and get going in your favorite Rpg system. Seed this one with a few of your favorite demons, treasures, and old school monsters as a mid level fantasy adventure location. 
As a set of maps there's lots of possibilities to use this one as a place of mayhem and horror. I can honestly see using this tower in the future to bedevil my players with further horrors of the former Original Red Brotherhood Citadel.
There is a new version of this map but I haven't downloaded and looked into it. So I've recently run this version. Grab a copy and get cracking on a great location for your old school campaigns. 

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