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1d10 Random Creepy Lovecraftian Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are some very dangerous and unexplained finds that come in from the deep wastelands of the post apocalyptic world. Some of these unexplained artifacts comes from doors in the planes and can cause all sorts of havoc and high weirdness among isolated communities. Many times these items are imbued with weird energies and have unexplained powers beyond the ken of mankind. Here are a few of the examples that have passed through the hands of adventurers. 

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1d10 Random  Creepy Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table 

  1. The mummified hands of some ancient demonic creature. These things will move and animate when exposed to the living. The can provide the owner with forbidden knowledge by scratching out incredibly complex or esoteric geometric figures. Once per day the hands can and will create a symbol of fear as per the AD&D spell. These things nails and bits of hair continue to grow even though they are mummified. 
  2. A set of jars containing ancient and unknown mechanical organs with wards of protection upon them. These organs continue to run and have geared clock work style movements. They will provide bonus to those they are implanted within but these things will also slowly begin to take over the mind and soul of the being. They are completely alien though and will regenerate through unknown processes if damaged. 
  3. An ancient piece of an astrolabe from some unknown star system that allows the owner visions of other time, dimensions, and far off places. Once per day this copper and brass piece will grant the owner a vast vision of incredible perceptions and insights into their place within the universe. There is a 20% chance of the owner's mind being overwhelmed by these incredible revelations and suffering from soul crushing depression.
  4. A green soap stone like table that is covered with incredibly complex alien hieroglyphs. The owner will 'hear' within their minds thousands of tiny insect like voices that will begin to slowly teach the unconscious mind strange and alien technologies. The owner may 10% go to sleep or have blackouts and unknowingly create strange mechanisms. The form and functions of these will be unknown even to the owner. Once per new moon the table will create a weird hologram of some unknown creature. 
  5. A vicious blob of material from other where that is actually a form of unstable artifact. The thing will form into whatever small tool the user needs once per day. The thing does this by reading the user's mind. The blob will also form into small but fantastic devices reminiscence of alien living biological organs when no one is looking. It may also copy rude or erotic forms from the owner's mind but given a biomechanical or weird bent. These artifacts have caused social problems in communities where they have been found. 
  6. A brass ring like artifact that exists in many different dimensions at once and is capable of cutting through any material it is passed over. This includes flesh and bone. A demonic presence within the thing will 'eat' any material it accesses. The thing will also once per day produce a very toxic and radioactive six inch mass of biological debris like flaming material. The thing ring often passes among communities causing havoc and woe by its very presence. The thing seems to have an almost telepathic sense of where it shouldn't be and show up in the least likely place where it might be wanted. 
  7. A piece of tin foil like biological material with thousands of map like depictions of star systems, forbidden places, and more. Each glance at this thing reveals more and more forbidden secrets and mind twisting revelations. Entire communities have become cultists of these odd maps that occasionally are found within the wastes. It is believed that some ancient Lovecraftian god sheds these from time to time out in the wastes. 
  8. An ancient brass head which is actually the preserved head of some Ancient magician or wizard. The thing is completely mad and creates a telepathic plague of madness that moves from person to person. There is very little that can destroy this thing and it continues to move among the deep wasteland communities as an artifact that gives 'divine madness' to its owners. 
  9. The well preserved corpse of an ancient alien god that in a coffin of green decayed material. The thing has hundreds of tiny artifacts, tools, and other artifacts with it. But the thing gives off a form of unknown and quite dangerous to those around it. Anyone even handling this horror or its tools will be affected by a strange radiation that will slowly turn them into beautiful crystal statues even as their mind is filled with horror and forbidden knowledge. They will slowly die whist whispering ancient secrets. Make a radiation check when even going near this thing. 
  10. The well preserved hand of some ancient horror that will choke anyone trying to handle it. The thing will try to draw the lifeforce from anyone even near it. In its palm is a page from ancient demonology text containing an ancient spell or passage of horror. 

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