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1d10 Even More Random Creepy Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalpytic Campaigns

There are minor finds that seem to come from elsewhere & when that come from the deeper wastelands. These artifacts come into bizarre,market places, and on trader caravans passing from one hand to another.Finds such as these are minor and more of a bit of life altering loathsomeness that can play merry havoc with the lives of parties and adventurers who run across these little bits and items of weirdness.

1d10 Even More Random Creepy Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table 
  1. A needle and thread that is able to alter and repair the shadows of individuals. These needles may repair bits and pieces of life force, memory, and those who have lost a bit of sanity. This is done by sewing up tears in the shadows of victims of undead and other life sucking life forms.With a successful Dex. check the owner of these items may repair one or more minor attributes by a few points. The thread is said to be made from the cast off bits and dross from the Fates from their spinning wheel. How or why they are happened upon in the wasteland is anyone's guess. There is always enough thread for three minor repairs. The thread sometimes causes the owners to bleed from their eyes and under their finger nails when first found. The thread sometimes whimpers to itself from time to time. 
  2. A ring like bit of metal made from an ancient pieces of the sword belonging to one of the great gods of HP Lovecraft's Dream Lands. The ring allows one to become one with the dreams of others and travel into the world of dreams but there is a price. The individual will have to give a bit of their memories and dreams each time the ring is used. Eventually they will not  not be able to sleep unless they steal dreams from the minds of other dreamers. The ring also attracts soul jarring nightmares who will plague the dreams of the owner. 
  3. This small child's doll actually contains the soul of an immortal demon who will use this pile of saw dust and cloth to wreck a dire vengeance upon anyone whom the owner sends the thing after. The demon will whisper forbidden and impossible truths to the owner. 
  4. This bit of wax paper clad packaging contains thirteen ancient machines that may be used to summon ancient and forgotten demons who dwell in the bottom of the Realm of Nightmares. These machinery can summon 1d4 demons to do the bidding of the user but they will require the dreams of the owner's family as payment. Once per day this thing can send one's mind reeling  into the  realms nightmares for 1d8 hours where they will be tormented beyond hope. 
  5. A staff formed from the twisted remains of bits of barbwire, monstrous alien bone, and an alien gem of some ancient thing from beyond time & space. The staff will have twelve key like devices attached to it. Each one contains the remains of some ancient sorcerer's soul. The staff will act as a psychic key to some higher realm of dream and death. This thing will have the following abilities - Telepathy, pyromancy, & planar travel as per the mutations. Once per day the user may call upon the half insane minds of the staff for advice or expertise. There is a 20% chance of these things being no help whatsoever. The staff will whisper to the user in dreams twisting and manipulating his mind towards evil and degraded behaviors. 
  6. A key to the realms of dreams and nightmares of ancient times. This key will open a door in time and space allowing the passage of 1d4 individuals under the dark skies of a storm racked sky. There is a 5% chance of the key opening a door randomly nightly though and letting something ancient, evil, and dangerous through. The key is made from the silver lining of ancient dreams. 
  7. The preserved mechanical and cybernetic brain of an Ancient which will act as a telepathic device to advise,dispense intelligence, and insight into the world of the pre apocalyptic. This thing will also 2% chance per day try to possess and take over the mind and spirit of the owner. It is actually the mind of a failed wizard that while too valuable to destroy has been preserved in this state as a biological storage device. 
  8. A preserved hand belonging to some ancient whose only function is operate and control certain esoteric and ancient technologies. The hand is partially cybernetic and uses a bit of super science to preserve the body memory of the hand. There is also a bit of murderous rage in the thing that will occasional surface and it will try to murder its owner every two months or so. There may be some ancient horror still out in the wastes searching for this thing. 
  9. A cache of 1d10 neo cybernetic organs that don't belong to the human species at all. These organs can be implanted for increased characteristics but they will begin to mutate and change their owner with disadvantage mutations and horrifying changes in psychological and biological ways. There will be 1d8 mutations that will occur with each organ. They will be perfectly preserved in bio stasis units when found. 
  10. A living  alien tattoo upon skin, this ancient battle device will adhere to the first being that picks it up and graft itself to their skin. The thing will impart a berserk rage ability to the owner and will send out a low level telepathic call for battle and blood lust to those around it. The owner will become for 1d4 rounds each day a raving psychopathic killer and seek blood & souls for his ancient masters. As a side effect of this thing the user will know the location of ancient cache of artifacts in the area but only a remove curse ability will free the victim from this thing. 

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