Sunday, October 12, 2014

1d10 Unusual Random Robotic and Cybernetic Entities Table For Your Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

One never knows what sorts of strange or unusual machines,robots, cybernetic entities or worse will come wandering out of the wasteland. Here's a table of these unusual cybernetic entities to annoy, be fuddle, lose, and challenge your PC's. 
1d10 Unusual Random Robotic and Cybernetic Entities Table
  1. A double hit point Heavy Engineering bot that is actually the host for an alien life form that will try to 'infect' anyone that it comes across. Its programming are part of an artificial convinced. The alien is parasitic and telepathic. 
  2. This giant robotic spider is actually the host for a Mi Go Mind probe and is reporting back to its masters for suitable candidates for brain removal. The spider features a malevolent personality and cunning qualities as well as a telepathic sensor suite. A very dangerous and unknown quality hovers around this entity. 
  3. This small dark floating robotic creature is actually the implanted mutant brain of some ancient forgotten ancient mind that is on a mission for some Lovecraftian god creature. The thing has valuable antigrav technology held within its frame which is salvageable to the right collector. 
  4. A scrap bot made from at least seven different bodies and a gesalt personality. This scrap bots plies patter of the cities and sometimes tricks its prey into revealing more of what the bot wants to know. Armed with heavy stunners and taser arrays. 
  5. This strange mecha like humanoid robots does not care about individuals but looks for groups of salvager or adventurer types so that it can harvest their organs and this thing is actually a very modern looking set of medical tools, non lethal weapons, and is generally employed by several families to harvest organs, eyes especially. 
  6. This unusual floating Bucky ball type sphere of a robotic entity is actually the physical manifestation of an ancient god like being that supplies this unusual bot with 1d8 second and third level spells. The thing will create a planar gate back to its Lovecraftian monsters. 
  7. This weird insect like bot is actually the property of a guild of bounty hunters who are seeking an NPC that he PC's met several adventures ago. The thing is seeking these beings to assassinate them with extreme prejudice and steal any research that the gentleman had. 
  8. This fully armed police  bot contains the essence of an ancient surgeon and doctor within its frame. The essence is seeking to possess anyone that it can. The bot has within it, a psychic crystal matrices that will control anyone coming within 20 meters of the bot unless a saving throw roll is made. The bot will use gile and tactics to hunt down any potential hosts for the essence that it has. 
  9. This android is actually a priest of Cthulhu that will try to summon a star spawn of the god to devour any unbelievers it can. This android is actually a 4th level cleric of this dark and horrid god made flesh, 
  10. This bands of cybernetic misfits is actually trying to track down anyone it can. These things are all part of a planar hive mind that wants to take over and spread its evil anywhere it can. The band actually has a cache of artifacts and tools for working on anyone they come across. 

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