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1d10 Random Artifacts Of The Ancients Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

From the old cities and scarecrow shells of ancient time haunted ruins come artifacts made by circumstance, destruction, and the weird energies released by horrors beyond the scope of human imaginations from another age undreamed of by those who now walk the planet. Here now are a selection of some of the ancient treasures that appear out in the wastes to torment and plague those who walk the wastelands.

1d10 Random Artifacts Of The Ancients Table 
  1. Ancient cut crystal skull from some unknown museum or other display that has been passed from many hands. This key from beyond the ken of man enhances all mental mutations and has the hidden power of telepathy to those who handle it. The thing is a multi planar psychic key that enables those who bond with it to find any nearby dimensional doors within a 50 yard radius. Once per week the thing can act as a symbol of confusion and stun anyone glazes at it for 1d8 rounds. The DM should assign other minor abilities which will become evident under the gaze of the broken moon of the wastelands. These powers are often temporary though. 
  2. This is a hollowed out lump of fused glass, bone, and bits of skull all in one fused basketball sized mass. The thing will allow its owner to speak with the dead when placed within a zone of death of the ancients. Each week it will grant a vision of the old world but its also tethered to the world of the dead and time haunted ghosts may haunt the dreams of the owner. 
  3. This is +2 twisted piece of fused steel rebarb that can injure or destroy zombies and the undead. The thing was once owned by an ancient saint of the wastes whose life's mission to hunt down these horrors that preyed on the living. His strength and conviction still flows through it and it will cause the owner to bleed tears of rage when used for more then 1d4 hours. The owner is subject to fits of holy rage and berserk episodes every new moon. Undead will seek out and try to destroy the owner. 
  4. This ball of fused metal is actually the twisted remains of buildings, cars, and the spirits of the ancients still are tied within it. The thing will allow the owner once per week to summon 1d4 specters of ancient warriors who will fight as 2nd level fighters for 1d8 rounds for the owner. Or they may answer answer questions about their pre-apocalyptic world with regard to treasures and artifacts but their memories will be fragmented at best. The owner will also have a danger sense from these beings but be haunted by the death terrors of these spirits. They may echo through the owner's soul and haunt his dreams with dire warnings, visions, or worse. 
  5. This ancient glass mirror holds the memories and spirits of seven spirits of the Old Earth. The thing will allow the owner to heal the pain and suffering of those who gaze into it with 'cure light wounds' once per week. But these wounds will appear on the owner's reflection and cause the owner pain in the real world as his spirit suffers with them. The spirits of the mirror will heal this damage eventually for him. But there is a a price, the owner must pray for the souls trapped within the confines of the mirror. 
  6. This ancient sword has been created from the fused glass of nine ruins of the ancients and contains the fury of those who were cut down  by the holocaust. The thing is a +3 sword but those who handle it will feel the ancient rage and pain that fuels the weapon's enchantment. Once per week the owner will be overcome with depression and grief from the lives of those cut down by this relic. The thing will murmur in the dark of night as well. 
  7. This rod allows one to access the realms of the dead destroyed by the holocaust. The owner can pass through a shadow into the lands of dead by the light of the full moon. The rod will act as anchor between worlds. Ghosts and terrible spirits will seek out the owner though to return them to the other side. The rod has a 40% chance of banishing any ghosts or other undead creatures created in the fires of apocalypse. 
  8.   This crystal ball was splattered with the blood of a million innocents and only shows the 'truth', no illusion or enchantment's truth may escape its vision. The thing will see all things as they truly are. Hidden agendas are revealed, the truth is shown, and even the gaze of monsters is shown for what it truly is. The owner will not know that this crystal ball is a cursed item and the owner is destined to be a 'true witness' to the events of the wastelands. The ball can show anyone the 'truth' of their own existence.Those whose gaze is caught by this basketball sized bauble may be stunned for 1d8 rounds as the 'truth' wrings their perceptions through several layers of reality. Undead who gaze into its depths will flee from the depravity and horror of their own existence. The ball can cast a 'continual light spell once per day. 
  9. This ivory tusk is actually a claw belonging to some ancient Lovecraftian horror that will add +3 points to any attribute but the owner will be transformed into a minor demon of truly horrid aspect within a thirty day period. There are rumored to be cures for this fate but these quests are often horrific and filled with ancient dangers undreamed of by modern adventurers. 
  10. The glass eye ball belonging to an ancient cyborg warrior that has some incredible ancient memories locked within. This eyeball actually hold's the owner's soul within it and has several minor psychic powers including telepathy, danger sense, and +2 to initiative. The eye allows the owner true sight, infravision, and to see the emotions of men in power writ on their own face. There's a 20% chance of the owner's spirit trying to take over the owner should this thing be implanted within the skull of the owner. The owner will be subject to murderous and psychopathic episodes under the influence of this cursed eye. The thing will haunt the owner with incredibly dark visions of friends and family as ghosts and specters of the wastelands.  

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