Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick Shout Out For Anomalous Subsurface Environment ASE1 By Patrick Wetmore For Your Old School Campaigns

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The problem with the OSR is that the awesome stuff is often so spread out that you don't find out about it until years later. A good example of this is ASE1 and the writing of Patrick Wetmore. Now after zipping around LuLu site today I stumbled upon the unlikely title of Anomalous Subsurface Environment an adventure module and gonzo science fantasy setting. Why the hell didn't I know about this wonderful little piece of OSR wonderment years ago?
Apparently this sucker has a science fantasy vibe in the key of incredible. This looks like the type of module Little Jimmy DM would have thrown together after a sick week from school and an overdoes of 80's cartoon school afternoon shows before his mum switched the channel to the soaps or Opera.
But I digress after some extensive investigation work and reading up on the module's review  because there's now two levels covered. I decided to throw some coin at this product and its author when I get the chance.
When began looking into this product this piece of artwork from the module popped up! Yeah that's pure old school science fantasy right there in one quick piece of art.
Apparently there's also a whole solo blog called Henchmen Abuse that pretty much supports this module with new material and reviews coming out daily. Why isn't this in my blog roll then? Hmm. Lately I've been of the opinion that each DM is really their own OSR. So basically its really up to me to have sought this whole brand of whole sale OSR madness out myself.
The fact that this Megadungeon adventure manages to squeeze in a whole post apocalyptic campaign setting into its backdrop in one fell swoop as well is an added bonus of coolness. This needs to be a part of my world! So after looking over the author/designers blog I discover something else. There's a second level that's been made.
And this second deeper level to this maze of  high level old school weirdness comes  with clowns and dinosaurs! Clowns and dinosaurs no less in one module just waiting to be run. I must have been a sleep at the wheel here. This is the perfect bit of madness to torment my PC's with!
Yup I'm going to be ordering this series of modules ASAP! Thanks to Patrick Wetmore for making my day a bit more awesome! You'll be getting my cash soon! Cheers pal!!

You can find The Henchmen Abuse Blog Right Over


  1. It has some great Thundarr elements to it!

  2. ASE is a great module/setting book. I picked up #1 a few years ago, though I still need to pick up the second level.

    I highly recommend reading the play reports on Henchmen Abuse, they make for great gonzo science-fantasy reading. The PCs in that game are the prodigal murder-hobos of OSR legend.


  3. Can't wait to get my hands on it and torture the hell out of my players with this one Bill! More coming up as we get into it!

  4. edowarsblog - I didn't see the comments until now & from everything I've heard its one of the better modules to come out of the OSR in a while.
    I've been combing through the Henchmen Abuse blog for a couple of days and getting into some of the high weirdness of some of their gaming reports of theirs. Thanks for the comments and I've got more coming up.


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