Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Awesomeness Of The Fan Made Planet Of Vampires 1965 Movie Trailer Done In The Style Of Prometheus

Once again my addiction to Planet of Vampire has been fed by this fantastic reimagining of the 'Planet of Vampires' movie from the twisted mind of Mario Brava as the Ridley Scott vehicle Prometheus in a mash up trailer.
For old school space based games both films offer some really nice dungeon crawling and 'Ten Little Indians' style stalk and kill opportunities. This isn't to say that the PC's couldn't turn the tables and in fact I would hope that they would.
The trailer works on a number of levels. But especially for 'Planet Of Vampires'.
The  the plot line of 'Planet Of Vampires' according to Wiki  is a familiar one:

The story follows the horrific experiences of the crew members of two giant spaceships that have crash landed on a forbidding, unexplored planet. The disembodied inhabitants of the world possess the bodies of the crew who died during the crash, and use the animated corpses to stalk and kill the remaining survivors.
Believe it or not I've used it countless times as an old school science fictional adventure . All of the elements of Planet are like a pulp horror movie come to life and with a Brava film its all about the visuals. 

Even 'Trailers from Hell' and Joe Dante agree.
noted the film was "A gorgeous atmospheric confection from Bava...Bava's ever-moving camera creates a chilling sense of menace. The result is a triumph of the pulp imagination.

The pulp sensability of the film shine thru and its weird secrets remain along with the atompshere up till the very end of the film.' 

There are a some great stuff to recommend both films as fodder for your old school adventures : 

  • Distinctive visuals and old school production values from both films 
  • Space leathers - rugged space suits that don't look like they'll tear and rip at the drop of a hat, these look like light leather armor from D&D as space suits.
  • Sci fi technology that looks like it would be at home on the set of Forbidden Planet or 'This Island Earth' or your favorite pulp magazine cover
  • Higher level encounters lurking in the heart of these movies just waiting for the PC's to stumble upon them. 

One thing about both films, they keep their secrets almost to the very end of both films. The key elements here are the 'Demon planets'as the excuse for dungeon exploration and encounter menu, ancient astronauts, dungeon crawls inside ancient space wrecks, and the fast paced encounters that happen in quick succession. 

There's certain enough here for a party of adventurers to pick up the various plot hooks in the wake of both Planet Of Vampires and Prometheus. Both have transmissions that echo throughout enternity that will allow cagey DM's to use these as hooks for their games.
There are also various victims of the powers of both 'Demon Planets' that are just waiting to inflict their own brand of 'evil' on a new band of vict erm adventurers.

Because of the old dark haunted house elements of both films they ride the rails between science fiction and a horror based mid level campaign adventure encounter. I don't think that either film could be used with their secrets intact as full campaigns. High level encounters but not full campaigns. 

Inclusion I still love Planet Of Vampires and this has been a very cool reminder of some of the old school influences. As always your mileage may vary. 


  1. Cool, I need to find Planet of the Vampires. It does sound like it's very reminiscent of Alien.


  2. I happen to be a huge Planet Of Vampires fan and there's another film you should check out that I'll be featuring tomorrow edowarsblog that will have even connections to Alien. Just in time for October. More to come pal. Cheers!


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