Monday, October 27, 2014

King Solomon's Mines-Classics Reimagined by Stephan Friedt Graphic Novel Kickstarter Reminder

Get This Funded Right Over 
There are only eleven days to go on the King Solomon's Mines Graphic novel! There needs to be a push to get this wonderful tale funded and gotten to market! The romance, intensity, and ideas of Haggard are brought to exciting life by top talents in the comic book and graphic novel world but it can't happen without your support! 
According to the Kickstarer site: 
This adaptation by the team of legendary comics illustrator Pablo (Conan The Barbarian, Tales of the Zombie) Marcos and best-selling author Mark (Outlanders, Doc Savage, Justice Machine) Ellis brings a new and colorful perspective to the Victorian-era yarn.
Now look I of all people know that times are tough and tight but this is a great project and the material will be treated with the respect and admiration that it deserves.
 The intended series...
From the top talents to the artwork this graphic novel is a throw back to a time when pulp magazines & comic books featured incredible artwork and design. The team on this one knows the material and ideas of where to go with it. They'll do a killer job with this property but only if it gets funded. 
So here we've got a great project that has a new take on this classic pulp work and like so many of the incredible wonderful other projects this one needs your help. I've seen some of the artwork associated with this one and its a great take on the Haggard material. There is a certain epicness associated with King Solomon's Mines and a feeling of continuing almost pulp level journey that comes with the writing and artwork. 

I've followed these folks various projects and products for years and I have no doubt that this one if successful is going to be one hell of a graphic novel and possibly the start of a series. This is a case of  a project having to start someplace. I'm biting at the bit to see this enter the public arena as an actual graphic novel. But as I've said this project can't happen without you! Take a look, reach into your pocket and get this one funded. 
King Solomon's Mines
And an this is an epic take on Haggard's all time classic and with a bit of a twist or two to keep even the most hard core pulp hound interested for the entire way. King Solomon's Mines is part hero's journey and part adventure into a world of epic adventure and pulptastic story telling in the old school tradition with a brand new spin.
But it can't happen without your help. 

One thing about this project, Ellis and co always support their various projects with Facebook groups and more. You can join this Facebook group right over HERE 

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