Thursday, October 2, 2014

1d10 Deep Wastelands Find Table Inspired By More Cult Classic Television Shows

There are weird and strange finds and artifacts that blow in from across the dimensional planes, many of the items are strange, unusual, and sometimes downright deadly. Here are a small sampling of some of the deadly wares found throughout the wastes.


1d10 Deep Wastelands Find Table
Inspired By More Cult Classic Television Show
  1. A burnted up flying saucer craft there will be 1d8 strange artifacts scattered around. 
  2. A strange and twisted time piece that has two lights red and green read outs. The piece will freeze time for 1d10 rounds in the location where you are. 
  3. A tricorder fully operational that has some data on the locals and there's more. The data concerns the local war lords and a weapon of mass destruction among a cache of artifacts.
  4. Fully charged laser pistol of usual design and aspects first created by alien reptilians nearly a quarter of a century ago. 
  5. M 16 with two extra clips and a Cuban cigar all in a military container with the letters BA in common on the side. 
  6. A set of lock picks that contains a secret sonic one with seven charges. 
  7. A fold out floating holo map belonging to some ancient lost army officer. 
  8. A fully charged motor cycle with a turbo boost & a cybernetic interface. 
  9. A fully charged Proton pack and positronic glider.+1 damage on all rlls 
  10. A steak knife that is actually a +2 weapon and will damage creatures that can't be hit by normal weapons 

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