Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Commentary And Revisit To The Pay What You want OSR Adventure For BLUEHOLME The Maze of Nuromen From Dreamscape Design


Grab It Right

The Maze of Nuromen From Dreamscape Design does in sixteen pages what most modules seem to take forever to do. It takes a party of first level adventurers into the Underworld and gives them all of the old school action they can handle and then some. This is a down and dirty dungeon crawl that presents exactly what it says on the tin and then some. 
The ideas here are clearly marked out and the crawl has some interesting twists and turns. The other aspect of this crawl that also makes it of interest is the customization factor here. As it stands this is actually a family friendly little adventure but can easily be reworked as the DM sees fit and that is one of this retroclone systems's strengths. 
For a pay what you want adventure the DM gets two levels of play and a whole lot of challenging bits for the PC's. This one will take the characters into the heart of a minor bit of darkness & enable them to adventure with some solid OSR material behind them. I like that the wandering monster charts include creatures that have a maximum count - if the party has defeated the max number, they won't occur again. You just don't see this as often as you should.

My biggest complaint is the font style for this adventure which is a pain in the neck. That having been said its a very minor point. 
Small note is the 'I' in the monster entries is their Initiative. 
Over all the PC's are not going to find this adventure a push over and even a second level set of characters is going to find this one a challenge. The ideas and background are very well done. Its a very concise dungeon which is meant to be played with the Blue Holme retroclone. It will take a bit of down and dirty converting to use this one with your favorite retroclone system but I think its well worth it. 
All in all its a pretty solid adventure that should keep a group of players very busy for at least a couple of sessions. I really enjoyed the hell out of the adventure.  


  1. Totally agree. I really like this adventure.

  2. I really like the way this was done fractal bat, very concise & its very well done.
    Thanks for the comment. And I've got more coming up pal, stay tuned!

  3. You might be interested to know the 2nd printing of this is in the works, which includes a bit more background and a few maps. Oh and a different font. ;-)

  4. Sounds very cool Michael, let me know when this happens and we'll get this up my friend! Cheers and I can't wait, I really love using this module and Blue Holme . A favorite retroclone system to pull from! Thanks for the comment and letting me know.


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