Thursday, October 2, 2014

Review and Commentary On the Free Dragon Foot OSR Adventure - The Haunted Tower (GL0) For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right 
I came across this adventure last night and wasn't expecting much. Just the usual OD&D dungeon crawl, this adventure isn't that at all. This a different twist and turn on the usual D&D adventure, while it is sort of beginning and zero level PC friendly. Its designed to showcase what can be done with an OD&D style adventure and how to move things forward in a campaign without the usual hack and slash. This isn't to say that there isn't any, its just that there's more going on under the hood so to speak here. 
From The Dragon Foot Blurb :
The old tower on the hill is haunted, or so they say, but you don't believe it. On a dare you've agreed to spend the night. Will your opinion change before daybreak? 

An adventure for one or more beginning players with first-level characters.

There are new monsters, locations, items, and a couple of nice twists with some great maps in this one. Its made to be a family friendly adventure but don't let that fool you. This is a very well done adventure from the Dragon foot crew and one that can if done right move an evening's entertainment right along. This is a one shot adventure in my mind but that's fine for what it does and how it does it. Its a very well done effort and a pleasant break from the hum drum material that seems to get the lime light. I enjoyed the read through on this one. Very different and a good tool kit as a blue print for DM's to do some thing a bit different with their own adventures.
This one could provide a spring board for a entire campaign if the DM were clever enough to use the hooks and lines provided throughout the adventure. Some very nice material for a beginning group of players or for a mixed party of PC's who are starting out on a campaign. Not too bad at all for a free adventure from the folks over at Dragon's foot. A very enjoyable break from the usual dungeon crawls with some new material to boot. Not to bad for a free adventure! 

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