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1d10 Random Haunted Post Apocalyptic Fallout Shelters Location Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Out in the deep wastelands there are ancient bolt holes that are uncovered by wind, rain, and time. Places where the horrors of the past still linger and call out from beyond the grave to the post apocalyptic world. Here are a few of those locations that serve to haunt wastelands and some of the horrors that can be visited upon adventurers during their expeditions into the wastes. 

1d10 Random Haunted  Post Apocalyptic Fallout Shelters Location Table
  1. A three tiered bolt hole and vault that is now inhabited by a pack of 1d8 zombies. This horrid family of the ancient crawls from the churning ground and seeks vengeance upon those who survived. The location has been ransacked of most food but there is some sundries. There is also a map to several other such locations in the area though. 
  2. A hidden door in the side of a hill promises some rich pickings but there are several recent skeletons around the area. A weird cannibal spirit is said to haunt the area and guard its rich treasures of artifacts very well. Any items recovered here are said to be cursed. In actuality, this military style bunker is haunted by a very crafty wight who haunts the area. He uses military tactics and gear to terrorize the place. 
  3. This area is the center for a wide array of haunting activity and lights seen at night. The has been eerie pre apocalyptic rock music echoing through the wilds on certain nights. The place is actually the center of a minor cult of necrotic  worshipers who summon the spirits of their ancient ancestors. The whole fallout shelter has been converted into a minor temple. There will be 1d8 undead horrors haunting the place. 
  4. An ancient radio signal echoes from this location where there is nothing at all. On certain days weird witch lights can be seen from a distance. This place is in fact haunted by a very deranged A.I. who is still carrying out its last orders. The thing has a bunch of combat bots made up as 'spirits' but the place is a rich loot area. The bunker is a three floor location in the ground. 
  5. This location is said to be the be haunted location where thousands died and their spirits still cry out for vengeance. There is a mass grave nearby but the place is actually one of the last stands for a small group of Ancient soldiers who used the undead as terror weapons. These horrors still haunt the location and on nights of the full cracked moon ride out on nightmares to hunt the living .They haunt a small fallout shelter that still houses their spirits and has the military weapons that they use. These undead soldiers will be accompanied by 1d4 insane ghosts of the ancients. 
  6. A group of 1d8 ghostly soldiers of the Ancients is looking to press gang any living that they find for their unending war in Hell. These horrors will seek to drag any living that they find to the Hell mouth fallout shelter entrance. Most days the shelter appears to be ordinary if unpleasant. 
  7. This shelter was recently uncovered by the weather and any playing around with the lock mechanisms will release 1d10 zombies of the ancients upon the world. The location is prime looting material as the shelter has never been disturbed.  
  8. This fallout location exists in the land of the living as well as the dead and anyone crossing the space to get to it may 20% chance find themselves in the Lands of the Recently Dead. They will be assaulted by 1d6 minor undead things and must fight their way back. The shelter and its contents will beckon the next pack of adventurers, unless they find their way inside. The place is packed floor to ceiling with weird machinery still running on a small atomic pile responsible for the effect. There are also some minor artifacts as well. 
  9. The area is said to be haunted by some ancient evil of horrid aspect. There is a fall out shelter nearby only recently uncovered by the wind and rains. The shelter is infact the lair for a gang of mutant bandits whose mutations mirror the effects of the undead. A fact that they take great advantage of. There are 1d10 3rd level fighters and some military weapons that they are using. 
  10. Chanting, ghostly lights, and weird illuminations in the sky have been seen in the area.
    This fallout shelter is the lair for a pack of Lovecraftian ghouls who have recently been scouting out nearby communities to kidnap and take with them back into the darkness of the Earth. There they will be sacrificed to their ancient gods of blood and madness. 

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