Friday, October 24, 2014

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (hardcover) By Dominique Crouzet Shipped !

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (hardcover)
Grab It Right

For months I've been watching this particular retro clone for months now and have wanted a copy. So I finally ordered a copy of this from Lulu. I've read the various reviews of it and a couple of days ago I got a chance to check it out.
 So this is now on its way. I can't wait to get the hard copy!

 Here's the description from Lulu - 

(This is the hardcover version of the book.) - This version 2.1 has been proofread (though some typos might remain), and more than 70 spells have been rewritten (so as to be somewhat different) and/or renamed. A couple of illustrations have been changed too.
This 430 pages old-school RPG is compatible with most adventures, monsters, spells, etc., published for other retro-clones and simulacrums of the game (i.e. fantasy RPG of fighters, wizards, dragons, and underground adventures), but proposes a lot of options, such as talents, combat schools... or classes, races and rules for science fantasy games with laser guns, etc.


  1. I got this one a while back. He pulled it off for a bit to clean it up. I like it a lot. Great book.

  2. I've been looking at this clone for a long time and I think that it might fit my science fantasy and fantasy needs. I'm glad you like it, that makes me feel good about getting my hands on it. I've been following it for a long while since my days on the Dragon's foot forum.

  3. My print copy arrived a few days ago. Good Stuff!

  4. Yeah I intend on actually using it as a basis for some of my upcoming campaign science fantasy and post apocalyptic elements. I will not be switching over to fifth edition at all. I have a campaign with this retroclone system already mapped out and filed for with my players.
    It was really appreciated that the photographs that you posted of the game. I'm still waiting for my copy but its nice to know that so many folks have given it good reviews. Unlike others I don't intend mine to sit on a shelf though. I have plans for this gaming system.


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