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1d10 Random Treasures of the Ancients Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

From across the universe ancient and fabulous treasures have been scattered to the four winds upon golden waves of magic and sorcery. Here are a few of the baubles of the Gods that have been found in the wastelands and hidden places of where was once a golden age.
Beware though these blades have hidden and sometimes uniquely dark sides that can make the lives of PC's finding these treasures 'interesting'. 

1d10 Random Treasures of the Ancients Table 

  1. A  sword of ancient aspect and golden renowned that contains the soul of its last victim. This is a +2 sword but it mutters and moans to itself as it cuts the air. Those who use it will take one point of damage as it exits the scabard and from then on will hear its occupant who will mutter to himself at night. The sword may impart some ancient bit of forbidden wisdom that it has acquired each time it cuts and slices its victims. The sword is also mildly radioactive but it will take 1d8 years for this to be known to its owner. 
  2. A bauble of fused glass, bone, rock, concrete about the size and shape of a human skull. This thing will impart a vision of prophecy and wisdom every new moon. The thing bubbles and churns with the power of the apocalypse that created it still. Three times per day it may shoot a ball of plasmic death and destruction forty meters.The thing also has three ghosts attached to it and they bare silent witness to those who take up this horrid thing. 
  3. An ancient amulet of gold and silver that glistens with unholy fires that created it. Three times per day the owner may call upon a ghost from the area that he is in. The ghost will answer any minor question put to it to the best of its ability. The owner may also call forth an illusion of the pre apocalyptic world as it existed before the coming of the Apocalyptic world. Should the ghosts not be called upon they may 3% chance attack the owner. 
  4.  This twisted staff of steel and metal has the shadows of the victims from the last war bound within it. Once per day the owner may call 1d10 of the things to serve him. They will count as wraiths or ghosts or the staff may wail and gibber creating a fear spell as it sings with the voices of the damned. These will never be completely silent and may speak to the owner in dreams and visions. 
  5. A piece of fused red and gold glass from one of the tallest buildings around. This thing glows with an inner witch light even on the brightest days as if under the effects of a continual light spell. The amulet for lack of a better term may glitter with the laughter and happiness of the pre apocalyptic world and create a 'Charm person' effect in a 5 meter radius around the owner. The effect may 10% chance leave the owner in a state of depression and angst as the feelings of loss and damnation from the victims flows through the owner. 
  6. Dried and molten piece of  apocalyptic artwork created by the wreckage of eight separate pieces of material. This strangely fused piece of plastic and bits of brightly coloured weirdness almost seem alive but are in fact the remains of several fey creatures caught as one. The thing is able to once per week cast three first or second level spells and it sings with the madness of the new age. The thing can create a confusion spell once per day. The owner however will be tormented by any fey creature that senses this thing however. They will be drawn to the owner by hatred from over a kilometer around. 
  7. An odd dagger made from pre Apocalyptic gold, brass, and twisted bits of metal. The blade is extremely sharp and can cut the shadows from those whose shadows are pierced by it. The dagger in actuality is an anchor for several other versions of the thing all on various alternative Earths. The dagger is a +2 weapon in all respects but it can allow its owner to slip between the cracks of the worlds. The owner can hide in shadows and see hidden or invisible 'things' around them but they are also visible to any undead or demonic monsters around them. 
  8. A book of poetry that records the thoughts and deeds of ancient ghosts and can sing songs of dead dreamers. This book can once per week act as a symbol of pain but there are ancient demons looking for the owner of the book. The book has a special demonic contract that promises the soul of each & every owner to a special lord created in the fiery mess of the last apocalypse. Demons whom the owner meets will not act against the owner. They shall not know why. A god of the dead penned this volume.
  9. An ancient device that contains the essence of several pre Apocalyptic souls. The gods bound them within the walls and electronics of this ancient phone. Once per day the phone may commune with the dead as per the spell and any device whose image is captured may be divined by the spirits within this thing. The device is powered by its ghosts and once per day cast a web spell upon a target. The web will be created from the vomit of the dead. The phone was created by a spirit guardian of a god of communication. It never needs recharging. 
  10. A Geiger counter that is in fact bound with the spirits of its former scientist owner.It functions as it should for 1d6 months but will detect any undead horrors or zombies within a 12 block radius. The owner may rebuke these dead things as if he was a cleric and once per week the thing will create a protection from evil circle around the owner. The bottom of the device reads Liebowietiz and the owner may feel a holy thrill race through them when this name is read. 


  1. Woo! I finally got one of the references. Of course, ' Lieboweitiz' is a pretty hefty clue, so maybe I shouldn't be so excited

  2. Glad you liked this one and I've got more coming up Rod! Cheers and there will be more recognizable items scattered throughout the tables in future. Cheers pal.


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