Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Halloween Download - Protodimension Magazine Issue #21 For Your Old School Horror RPG Campaigns

Grab It Right

Just in time for Halloween is this of Protodimension magazine and some fantastic old school horror rpg articles!
Most of the major horror rpg bases are covered and there's some great stuff to spruce up any monster or Halloween themed adventures . There are some great articles in this issue! I really love Tad Kelson's adventure and Easy As That by Osmond Arnesto
 Here's a list of the contents from their page: 
  • Dithering in the Dark, Words from the chief by Tad Kelson
  • Easy As That, A bit of fiction by Osmond Arnesto for Your Reading Pleasure
  • The Shadow of the Fleshless Ones, A New Race by Eric Fabiaschi for Call of Cthulhu, Dark Conspiracy & Conspiracy Rules
  • Call of Cthulhu Fate Hack, Hacking the Mythos by Ed Gibbs for FATE (CoC)
  • The Digital Tome, The Right to Know, Chapter One by Ed Gibbs for FATE (CoC)
  • Random Hardware, Getting by in the Greater Depression by Jason D McEwen for Conspiracy Rules!
  • Solitaire, A Vignette by Bradley K. McDevitt for Halloween
  • 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House, A review of Skirmisher Publishing’s Book by Eric Fabiaschi for Your Old School Horror Campaigns
  • The Birthright, A Dark Seed by Jason D McEwen for Dark Conspiracy and Other Dark Settings
  • Just NoWhere A hap(hazard)ly fashioned adventure by Tad Kelson for Multiple Settings
  • Gumiho, A New Race by Jason D McEwen for Conspiracy Rules!
  • A Haunted Subject: Ghosts In Dark Conspiracy, Referee advice by Eric Fabiaschi for Dark Conspiracy
  • The Bar Run, Fiction by Tyler Omichinski for your reading pleasure
  • Old Rifle For A New Century: Part 2, the FG-42, Guns, guns, guns… by Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy
  • Red Carpet Ready, Characters and plot seeds by Jeff Moeller for Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition
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