Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hexopeidic Ruin Trilobites For Your Old School Campaigns & Dungeons

# Appearing 1d8 
Move: 9 
Hit Dice : 5
Damage: 1d6 Bite 
In Lair %: 70 
Treasure : D 

These are a strange throwback mutation of a trilobite like monster. These things often inhabit the ruins, wastes, and stagnant waters surrounding many of the ancient deathlands. These two foot horrors often congregate in groups or swarms looking for warm blooded animals from which to feed. These horrors will attack their victims with double rows of weird flesh rending jagged teeth like mandibles. These horrors leave ragged wounds causing 1d6 points of damage as they tear chunks of flesh from their victims. These little armored horrors often carry dungeon diseases and worse plagues such as Red Death.
They seem to be drawn to areas of bio dimensional energy or paranormal dimensional anomalies. These things often seem to dwell in areas of so called magic or near areas of dimension instabilities such as worm holes and the like. 
These  creatures are amphibious and very cunning some would say they have an almost malevolent animal like cunning. They often seem drawn to the aura around certain types of relics and deathland weird energies which they might use to sustain themselves between meals. The small horrors often coat & cocoon themselves in highly enzyme rich slime to enter a deathlike state that can last for centuries only to spring to life at a moment's notice when prey is within the vicinity.

 These horrors are often drawn to body heat and have multifaceted eyes capable of looking deep into several unknown regions of the spectrum. They have infravision up to 20 feet and delicate sensing apparatus capable of tasting blood in the air or water up to two miles away from their prey.
There are thousands of variations of the species across the planes and can often be found in dungeons, space wrecks, ancient flying saucers and other post apocalyptic habits. They have adapted quite well to several magic rich prime plane locations and dimensions sharing space with other dungeon denizens some of whom the species hunts as well.
Several of the larger varieties of the species which range from four to five feet have paralyzing feelers or tendrils capable of paralyzing a man in moments unless a save vs poison is made. The victim is aware of their surroundings but can do nothing as the horror moves in for the kill. The monster often takes several chunks of flesh from its victim & then comes back to feed at its leisure after the victims bleed out. These larger variety of monster seem drawn to negative material energies often given off by undead and their ilk. They often inhabit crypts, ruined museums, and other places of the dead. They scavenge from corpses and other dead things while sustaining themselves with the negative aural energies of such places.
These horrors often keep small nests of treasure and artifacts to attract mates. These are often collections from past victims piled into trophy displays. There is very little difference between sexes within the species and they can switch genders as needed for reproduction.
These monsters have filled a little known ecological niche within the post apocalyptic world and though a nuisance to adventurers and excavators. These horrors can present a very dangerous foe if under estimated.

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