Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1d10 High Level Undead Encounters From Ancient Battle Fields Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Out in the wastelands are thousands of ancient battlefields  where the violence,horror, and forces of the apocalypse still linger. Here the ground shivers and the echoes of the past sometimes let loose very dangerous monsters and things to plague mutant adventurers. Sometimes the forces of Death itself turn and twist as things of Undeath are release back upon the world to haunt your post apocalyptic encounters.
Most of these hunger for the flesh, blood and spirits of the living 

1d10 High Level Undead Encounters From Ancient Battle Fields Table 

  1. An amalgamation of undeath horror and depravity made up from the souls 1d20 former soldiers that has risen from a nearby mass grave to devour the life essence of anyone it catches. Counts as 1d4 shadows or specters. A very hungry and aggressive horror from beyond the grave. 
  2. A group of zombies made up of ancient Earth warriors hell bent on raiding pillaging, and devouring the living. These 2nd level fighters are armed with sword & shield ready to tear into the living. There are 1d8 of these horrors ready for violence. 
  3. A group of fiendish field medics have given into the forces of the Afterlife long ago. These horrors are looking to torture, dismember, and experiment upon anything or anyone they can. There are 1d6 of these fiends and they can imbue a sort of psuedo life upon their twisted creations.These things will be low level undead horrors but very hungry.  
  4. A gang of 1d6 undead scarecrow things out for blood and sacrifices to their dark gods.These things have been created from the bodies of nearby farmers and are armed with sickles, pitch forks, and other implements of destruction. These horrors are relentless, hungry, and use tactics to bring down prey. 
  5. 1d10 zombie clown things capable of wanton mayhem have been let loose from some dimensional doorway to a nameless hell. These horrors will pursue and kill anything that they can get a hold often trapping and displaying the bodies of prey in creative ways. Armed with high tech laser pistols and bladed weapons of exceptional malice. In D&D terms these things count as intelligent wights 
  6. A gang of undead bikers with bikes breaks through from the otherside of the veil hungry for the blood and flesh of the living. They have been summoned by the scent of blood and flesh. They are 3rd level fighters with some minor vampiric abilities and working motorcycles. Armed with short swords, chains, and ancient fire arms. They will begin to follow the old high way routes and seek fresh meat once again from beyond the grave. 
  7. 1d8 giant maggot horrors from Hell break through from beneath the ground , there are also a number of minor 1d3 zombies following in these things wake. They will devour anything that they can get a hold of. Count as undead purple worm horrors. 
  8. A single pre apocalyptic warrior with the powers of a lich riding upon a nightmare enters the world armed with a riot shot gun and hell bent on taking revenge upon any living that he finds to drag them back beyond the veil. This thing is after souls and flesh for his masters. 
  9. A plague of 1d10 zombies bursts through the ground and is hell bent on feasting on the living. These things are very hungry and dangerous but there are 1d4 minor relics from the pre apocalyptic world are right under their former 'resting' place. 
  10. Former unknown undead enemy soldiers from the pre apocalyptic war break through the veil. These 3rd level fighters are here in the lands of the living to drag back and conscript anyone that they find to fight in their never ending battles upon the planes of the Hells. They are armed with a few high tech weapons and fire arms as well as stunners. These horrors may eat the occasional conscript as well. 

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