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Review and Commentary On 100 Hunting Cabin Items From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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There are ton of lists out there but this one is a pretty damn useful one for my old school post apocalyptic campaigns. The idea is the usual Fish Wife Games formula of a system agnostic product capable of being plugging into your favorite post apocalyptic or modern campaign rules set. For myself this would either be Mutant Future or Mutant Epoch.
Hunting cabins are a double edged adventure location because they can be put anywhere literally. They make excellent old school horror adventure encounter locations or as the perfect pull for a group of mutant adventurers who need a change of pace offered from the wastelands. This list provides the DM with exactly the contents of such a location. But let's take a moment and examine the humble hunting cabin. These locations are isolated, sometimes inhabited, and sometimes abandoned. For horror films they make excellent fodder for either survival or horror adventure locations.
For example the Evil Dead Series part II takes place in exactly one location like this. Everything that goes into making 'Ash' the kick ass hero that he is comes from that hunting cabin. Something to keep in mind for those upcoming cross over games with OD&D. 

 So in the post apocalyptic adventure locations hunting cabins serve as great way stations, encounter points, and more. I've seen these locations popped into a plethora of Gamma World 1st and 2nd edition modules. Into a few recent games of Mutant Epoch and even on some of the levels of the Warden for Metamorphosis Alpha for encounters and artifact location points. 
Hunting cabins also make excellent crossover points for  old school D&D style games where the woods have weird aspects to them and sometimes crossover  into other dimensional realms. Which is where this brings in this great list. This list has everything your party is going to need to salt your hunting cabin adventure location.
For the price of something on the dollar menu at some fast food joint this little beauty has everything to keep your PC's rummaging through a cabin until those mutant murder hobos come home from their hunting trip to ruin their day. This is the list that can help.
Using The 100 Hunting Cabin Items
 From Fishwife Games For Your
Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns
Often times I've seen hunting cabins used as simple loot bins for post apocalyptic campaigns and that misses one of the adventure possibilities for these beauties. With Halloween coming up this list can provide a very enticing location for mutant adventurers to happen upon a 'murder nest' for your favorite clan of mutant hillbilly  murder hobos.
The Woodlands also offer the DM to create a very different sort of woodland wasteland for their post apocalyptic games. The sort of rolling woods of forbidden aspect where mutants, witches, zombies, and worse are hiding. Here the wild lands are simply waiting to devour the adventurers and this list offers some the tools to fend off the darkness and horror that awaits your PC's. 
All in all this isn't a bad offering from Fish Wife Games but personally I'd wait till it goes on sale in a bit.

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