Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1d10 Random Space Junk Hazard Finds Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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Out in the wastes there are millions of weird and strange objects moving across the skies. Some of these are ancient technologies left floating miles above the Earth just waiting to fall to the ruined Earth below. Some are much strange and hold many deadly as well as ancient weird secrets. All it takes is an instant for the hot flames of orbit to release the incredible deadly secrets of the Ancients upon all. 

1d10 Random Space Junk Hazard Finds Table
  1. 1d20 Strange metal cylinders impact upon the Earth, each on bares the ancient horn symbols of the bio hazard horns. Anyone opening these up will release a ravenous macro organism, the equivalent of a very hungry pudding of some weird color. It will devour bone and yet leave flesh alive. 
  2. Sixty six perfectly preserved golden metallic balls, each on echoes with a the music of the spheres of the damned. Each one will teach a twisted version of a first level magic user spell but it will go horribly wrong when cast. Each ball will then explode for 1d4 points of magical radiation damage roll on mutation charts. 
  3. A giant black penis shaped metal spike will impact the ground. The thing is covered over in a strange sanity warping pattern that hurts to look at. The thing will sing to itself when found. This thing's purpose is unknown. 
  4. A twisted piece of metal that will act as a +1 club, it is actually the leg bone of some ancient alien demon who even now searches for it. Once per day it may shoot a radioactive beam for 1d4 points of damage up to twenty feet. 
  5. A small glass bauble that when shaken will produce a cold hallow white light that will illuminate a thirty foot diameter zone. The light will float and follow its owner if placed in the air. This thing was originally part of some ancient alien art installation or altar piece. 
  6. The Rod of Kalla - This rod is part of ancient weapon of mass destruction and once per week it may infect a person with a wasting disease not unlike Mummy Rot. The thing may also activate any electrical device that the owner wishes. The thing may decide to shock its owner for 1d6 points of electrical stun damage once per week. 
  7. A box of alien teeth belonging to some long forgotten warrior race, if the teeth are planted in the ground 1d20 warriors of ancient aspect will erupt from the ground in 1d4 rounds. Each one will be 2nd level fighters armed with swords and small round shields. 
  8. A statue of Cthulhu  that is actually a radiation hazard when found and glows in the dark will that greenish hellish witch light. 
  9. The claw of a demon prince which allows one to command 1d20 undead zombies that will hungrily follow the owner demanding fresh flesh to eat. Once per day the owner may teleport 1d3 individuals including himself without error. 
  10. A maw tooth from a Star Spawn of Cthulhu, this tooth will summon any minor Cthlhu beast within 1d6 rounds if the owner is willing to sacrifice a small bone fragment from their hands or toes. The flesh will heal weirdly and painfully, it will occasional throb with unearthly colours of energy and raw power.  

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