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1d10 Random Treasures & Finds Left Behind On The Battlefield Of The 'Gods' Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are mysterious items that sometimes get left behind on the battlefields where ancient gods clash and still do battle after the end of the world. Some of these old and ancient terrors don't realize that their time has past and they leave traces behind in some of the old places and forgotten haunts of the Ancients. Some of these are fabulous treasures and others are weird relics left behind after all have left the fields of the gods. Here then are a small selection of some of these these items which can be stumbled upon by your mutant adventurers in the deepest wastelands and deserts.
 1d10 Random Treasures & Finds Left Behind
On The Battlefield Of The 'Gods' Table
  1. The smoking remains of a wizard's warship that has tangled with something ancient and terrible. There are smashed combat androids and 1d4 of these mecha horrors still functioning. In the center of the ship is a giant sword of unusual aspect. 1d6 bits of celestial metal can be recovered, these will function as +1 swords. The screams of the wizard can still be heard echoing on the wind, his final fate unknown. 
  2. A field of glowing cracked glass and crystal each shard shows a separate scene of carnage and bloodshed. The glass will weep blood every three days but it will also glow with a spectral light showing a scene of danger to come for the owner. There are wizards who would pay handsomely for these shards. 
  3. A glowing gold hand ax that is mildly radioactive and while this is a weapon of the gods. Exposure to its weird energies will cause the owner to make a mutation check and possibly be the target of ancient demonic fury. The weapon is surrounded by an aura of sadness and anger. 
  4. A ring of unknown metal created by super science that contains tightly packed information and esoteric knowledge. The thing is actually an information virus that will add a few points of super intelligence to the owner but they will be a carrier for an information virus that will strike others with a curse of madness.The owner will be the target of assassin bots and androids who know that the owner carries the cure for this weapon within their own mind.  
  5. A golden crystal  rod that contains the trapped soul of an ancient demonic god and this weapon will glow hot with the violence and fury of its prisoner. The owner will be subject to a berserk rage as per the OD&D monster. There is a 20 % of the ancient thing trying to possess the owner. The owner will have limited telepathic and psychic insight when holding this thing but it will do 1d4 points of damage as the horrid energies of the thing course through the owner. 
  6. This golden disk contains the super science blue print for mankind and is sought by ancient angel like beings of fury and horror. This thing is mankind's only real hope for survival as a viable species and the gods feel that his time has passed. The owner will know the full history of his origins and possible future. The gods want this item back, wizards want this disk for its esoteric secret. 
  7. This knife contains within its crystal blade the slime and blood of a god thing. The blade will produce 1d4 ounces of the stuff which acts a mutgenic toxic material. There are 1d8 minor demons after this thing and the undead hulk of its owner is trailing it across the wastes. 
  8. This small claw of a demon like horror has been bound into the shape of a small sword and has within it several mutant powers of its previous owner include create darkness in a 10 meter radius, immunity to normal fires, and the ability to regenerate as a troll ala OD&D. 1d8 combat robots working for a wizard who stole it from its demonic master seeks this item. The demon prince of the wastes who owned this dagger seeks it as well and even know is hunting for it. 
  9. This small computer gauntlet contains the last legacy of an ancient god of technology and apathy. The thing contains his genome and is sought by a team of super scientists who wish to use the thing to create a better souless drone mutant slaves. Once per day the relic can act as a symbol of insanity, cast understand machine on any piece of ordinary technology, or cause a field of apathy to surround a 10 meter zone around the owner. 
  10. A small silver ball contains the remains of a god and will allow  one to access the god mind up to three times per day. The human mind was never meant for such things and doing so will have the owner stunned and their mind trapped within the confines of this chaos inducing artifact. The owner will be telepathically held within the confines of this horrid little silver paper weight sized sphere. The effects may hit up to 1d8 fools within the 20 meter zone of this thing's influence. Alright a bounty hunter is seeking this item. 

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