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1d10 Random Mid Level Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Here is a quick list of mid level  post apocalyptic adventure locations with loot potential and a few quick twists to throw at your adventurers. Many of these can act as a line to hook your adventurers into some other twisted adventures further into the deep wastelands of your campaign worlds.
Remember these can be a bit more dangerous then your adventurers might be expecting depending upon how you create and fill in the backgrounds.

1d10 Random Mid Level Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table
  1. A vault like 'summer house' attended by 1d10 combat robots who maintain the grounds watch the residence and run the technologies of the place. There is rumored to many ancient and forbidden pieces of technology on the grounds. Very few adventurers though have returned from the place. 
  2. An ancient state park that is now the site of a band of mutant cultists who gather for the rites of the blasted and damned seasons. There is a museum where ancient and hungry god things gather from a crack in time and space. The cult has within its employ 1d4 security bots and ancient technology from the local police station. They have begun to recruit from the surrounding villages. 
  3. There is a nearby sky temple where hundreds of robotic horrors have been seen launching themselves into the sky. The place is patrolled by light security bots and is rumored to be a place of sacred and unknown super science. From time to time there have been weird and strange devices turning up in market places. Nearby villages of mutants and pures are going missing and only smoking craters are seen in their place. 
  4. An ancient National Guard depot is rumored to be someplace in the area and now their have been sightings of weird relic military vehicles upon the old Duralloy roads. These 'haunted' vehicles stalk the souls of travelers to take them back to the 'Hells'. There have also been rumors of odd 'ghost' soldiers seen in the fields and near villages. These things relate to the unknown levels under the 'depot' and the stories of people disappearing into this place of horror. 
  5. A mysterious ghost fair has been seen in the early morning hours upon certain hill tops. Its ancient and eerie music drifts down from the hills. Weird clown mutants and other strange horrors have been seen. People have been disappearing from the fields and odd bits of  pink confections have been seen drifting upon the wind. People are scared speaking of the 'Autumn Takers' coming to claim their souls but there has been the sighting a weird robot stalking the hills as well. 
  6. A strange underground military base has appeared and people are being kidnapped for horrid experimentation. Soldier bots stalk the land and only the most fool hardy hunt these horrors. There are always 1d10 bots armed with very dangerous energy weapons. Who are they and where do they come from. 
  7. An ancient robotic vacation house has appeared and spewed forth 1d10 horror bound plague zombies. Rumors abound of the treasures within but the undead things have begun to feed and move to spread their ancient curse upon the lands. There are rumors of an underground bunker that joins the place but none who have embarked on the place have returned. 
  8. An explosion has taken place in the hills outside of town and there are rumors of one of the sky chariots has come down. Yet it is almost time for the annual trade festival and none of the nearby villages have sent word. There have been weird bands of mutants roaming some of the lower valley 'deathlands' and ruins.  Odd bits of metallic junk and strange metal relics have been turning up in nearby fields and odd lights in the sky have appeared. 
  9. A robotic factory dormant for a hundred years has suddenly sprang to life and its A.I. needs help with another of its kind who has decided to make war upon it and the surrounding humanoid settlements. There have been seen patrols of 1d10 soldier bots in the area. Who will help? 
  10. A strange black temple structure has appeared near by and has begun sending out weird 'recruiters' for sacrifice and blood for their dark masters. Odd knives, radioactive bits of debris, and strange lights in the sky have been found, seen, and then there is the strange chanting that can be heard echoing through the hills.Odd artifacts have turned up at village trade meetings and market places and people have begun to go missing.
     What can it all mean? 

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