Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quick Shoutout & Review For Wisdom From The Wastelands Issue # 45 For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Issue #45 of  'Wisdom From The Wastelands' is a great little post apocalyptic gem of mutant dinosaur madness. If you love your mutant dinosaurs then this issue is one to get. This issue goes into all of the basics and options for introducing your PC's to all of the high weirdness  of mutant dinosaur driven adventures.
Here's a sample from an old 80's cartoon of what might be done with this issue's contents  turned it into a campaign. 

Mutant Dinosaurs have the potential to be an incredible campaign resource or hazard for adventurers . Here's a chance to really showcase some of the super science of the Ancients and show the lasting legacy of monstrous evil and ecological science gone wild. The genteic super science  effects are still echoing through the wastelands even today. And can easily be the lynch pin for a campaign. Even in the rpgnow blurb  we get a sample of what this issue is all about: 
Using their expertise in biotechnology, the Ancients created or recreated many new species for use as pets or livestock. Ever-popular dinosaurs were among the first large, complex creatures brought back in the lab. This was not cloning or “de-extinction” in the strictest sense, but rather a combination of genetic archaeology and reinterpretation, and the Ancients designed the animals for their own reasons and pleasures as though sculpting with DNA putty.

This issue opens up the possibilities  of mutant dinosaurs adventure locations within your campaigns for adventurers to stumble upon. The legacies of the Ancients can be exposed with  just this sort of adventure.  Mutant dinosaurs can act as the catalysts for entire campaigns here.
 For example from the classic film Jurassic Park we get the remains of a park where super science has run riot . Imagine adventurers stumbling into such a place
and there's no happy ending.

This issue pushes the  pulp post apocalyptic adventure elements and allows a DM  to introduce lost valley preserves for PC's to find. This is a perfect way of introducing Ancient's DNA manipulation technology and artifacts to a campaign.

All in all I found this to be one of the most useful issue of Wisdom From The Wastelands to date. The rest of the issue is rounded out with some great mutant monsters and solid content that could be woven together to create a great one shot adventure or a long term campaign. 

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