Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review and Commentary About Issue #2 of Grendal vs. The Shadow From Matt Wagner And Dark Horse Comics

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 Here's the official blurb incase you don't know what's happening in Grendal vs The Shadow: 
"The excitement continues as Eisner Award–winning creator Matt Wagner spins a tale from the Golden Age of pulp adventures. The era’s most iconic crime fighter and Master of Darkness, the Shadow, faces a foe who may prove to be his match . . . and more: the masked and mysterious menace known only as Grendel!"

Welcome to another fun filled roller coaster ride of an issue of Grendal vs The Shadow from the twisted and rain swept alleys of Matt Wagner's mind and pen via Dark Horse comics! This is the second issue of what looks to be one of the better titles of vs to come out this year!
The artwork is top notch and Wagner is at the top of his game never mind Hunter Rose or the Shadow, here the graphic comic Noir artwork drips off of the page filled with the violence and depravity of the world of the Depression era Shadow. Each page looks like it could be a still from an unproduced movie and I love the framing of the characters against the backdrop of this comic/graphic novel.

This isn't the devil you know but the Hunter Rose that I'd hoped to have seen. He's at the top of his game and deadly as sin in this book. He's every bit the vile anti hero in a world that is custom made for his machinations and substance.

The Shadow is fresh right off of the latest Street and Smith pulp story here and the encounters are nasty as sin. He's in all of his glory in this comic. The powers, the .45's and more are all right there and ready to jump off of the page in spades. 

Here is a dance worthy of the over thirteen pages of fighting and nastiness in a Noir Pulp throw down with energy bleeding off the page from the Wagner dynasty.  The  art is fantastic and I'd love to have some of the comic artwork on my wall.

The Hero and Anti hero here are matched and its all about the hunt in a sense but there is genuine menace and hints of pure hatred in turns throughout the entire work. The colours are impressive as the artwork and the talent of the Wagner clan is on full display in spades in this issue.

Everything about this issue was worth the price of admission from start to finish and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the next issue.
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So on a one to one basis for a second issue this is a pretty damn strong entry. The Wagner family is very talented and Matt certainly knows his pulp and noir heroes as well. This is really an excercise in visual and writing as well as story & how I wish this was a Christmas block buster coming out. Everything about this comic from the small background jokes and in references to the strong follow through with the characters gives this comic as one of the must grabs off the rack.
 Seriously you need to grab these issues if A.your a Grendal or Shadow fan or if your into any of the pulp heroes its a very well thought out and incredibly well crafted graphic violence symphony of pulp incredibleness.
Its Matt Wagner's birthday but thanks for the delivery of a great new issue of one of my favorite comics this year so far.

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