Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Upon The Streets Of Thovas Thoon - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Campaign Actual Play Event

Upon The Streets Of Thovas Thoon 

Thovas Thoon sits near the post apocalyptic Martian poles around the swamp lands and is one of the last basitons of civilization before the deep post apocalyptic Martian swamp wastelands. These areas are home to a wide variety of tribes, red men, green warriors, mutant and worse.
This area sits right on the edge of the Lovecraftian Serpent Men's territories and city states. The peaks of their ruins and temple pyramid complexes can be seen over the tops of the massive trees and the mix of  ruins that still tower over the jungles here.
Many of these former city state ruins were left abandoned here after the fall of entropic bombs, Atomics, and worse was used in the conflict that devastated Mars.
The players in tonight's game found themselves deep in the streets of the city state after following a party of alien bounty hunters & assassins that they've been tracking after a blood feud has been brewing between the two groups after a heated battle upon another world. After a pitched battle on the streets of a star port, the PC's gave chase through a dimensional door and found themselves on the streets of Thovas Thoon. The red Martian Incan warriors gave them their first clue. The PC's needed to re epuip after the alien bounty hunters gave them the slip down a series of side streets.
The PC's found themselves at the city's Grand Bazaar and after a very heated deal with a low land Red money lender and his Green Martian body guard. They ended up exchanging a good deal of their treasure for credits and Martian money. This was a pretty damn one sided deal however and they weren't happy at all. 
They began to explore the streets of Thovas Thoon and were quite surprised at the number of mutants and rabble about in the city which seemed to have very low life and slightly seedy quality to the city. There were several duels and one gun fight that caused the party to beat tracks.
Just after they ducked for cover they spotted an assassin that they had tangled with from a distance. This bastard was Vothus Hal a were rat Red assassin that they had tangled with long ago. He had ties to the alien bounty hunters they were tracking earlier. And so began a merry chase down the crooked streets of Thovus Thoon. More coming soon. 

Random City State Street Encounters 1d10 

  1. Red men Inca like warriors 2nd level fighters equipped with blasters & power flint swords +2 
  2. Greys technicians 1d4 armed with wands of pain 1d3, 2 hit points each 
  3. Thork warriors 4 hit points each & very intelligent. Bone armor,short swords, & shields. Quiet & Introspective. Could be up to something. 
  4. Red Highlanders warriors in religious dress. 1d6, 1st level warriors armed with ceremonial swords, daggers, & radium pistols 
  5. First Born pirates/traders with wares. Will not fight. Surrounded by green warrior/bodyguards/slaves 3rd level fighters. Short swords & long swords. Radium pistols 
  6. Water Merchant 2nd level selling wars from across the face of mars. Some with special properties 
  7. A group of stray cadlots 3 hit points each & very hungry 
  8. Escaped slave being pursued by red bounty hunters. He pleads for his life. There are several strange scars around his major organ areas 
  9. A white martian scientist with handfuls of weird tech comes racing out of a building followed by a series of explosions & human screams. He throws down the tech & waves at you screaming something in high Martian 
  10. A jeddak's parade with him in attendance stops & he approaches you to "talk" 

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