Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Free Science Fiction Resource - Martian Homecoming By Frank Belknap Long 1951 For Your Old School Martian Campaigns

 "Through the veils of illusion, and waves of terrible remorse, they set out to slay the deadly creatures ..."

Grab it Right 

Frank Belknap Long weaves an interesting tale of Post Colonial Mars that might neatly fit into my on going Post Apocalyptic Mars campaign. The spin here is about some colonists upon Mars. We've got a washed up boxer and his wife, lightning guns, strange Martian monstrous races and more. Here we've got a Mars filled to the brim with ruins and ancient megadungeons waiting for the coming of colonists from Earth. The story weaves a tapestry of charming pulp adventure but really there is a ton here to pull from for a one shot adventure. An illusion causing proto telepathic race, echoes of history darting through the story and an almost Lovecraftian vibe slithering just under the surface of this tale. Even though its a quick read there's lots of little nuances that can be pulled from to make this into a touch stone for a Martian style campaign, something I'm planning on taking full advantage of. All in all this is rather interesting little relic created by one of the masters from the Lovecraft circle. 

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