Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Shadow of the Serpent Men III - The Twist of the Fang & The Tightening of The Coil - Session Report

Artwork from the  OSPREY GHOST ARCHIPELAGO  Miniatures game 
more information here. 

The party barely made it out alive from  Tomb of the Serpent Kings - Deluxe Print Edition by Skerples. In the end they grabbed whatever treasure they could & made for the hill villages & town. They completed the king's request. And recovered the amulet that belonged to his daughter.

DM Steve is still down with a nasty case of food poisoning, yes he's recovering quite nicely.  It seems like forever since we've talked about the game of 'The Shadow of the Serpent Men' mini campaign. Quite a bit has been happening but tonight we got together for a small pre Halloween party. The soda was flowing & already things were going pretty solid. There was fire roaring & things were nice. We were all following safety proceedures following Covid 19 lines. The adventurers have freed themselves from the dungeons of the king. 
The party went into town to requip and there were rumors swirling about the Master. The PC's were trying get their zombie victim healed. They heard about some of the weirdness surrounding Dave Cook's X5 Temple of Death in town. 

The town sits on the edge of a mysterious jungle & wasteland desert. There are many villages dotting the landscape. They've already run into a couple of mutated villagers & the party is starting to suspect that they might not be in Kansas. There was talk about a village over the mountains to the West that has a moat house that needs to be cleared. But for the moment they want to stay put in town & are hold up in an inn called the Skink's Eye. 
They've gone to see a local sage about the history of the Zaharan Sorcerer-Queen Semiramis & some of her serpent men Ilk as well as their links to some of the history of the Elves in the region. 

With the fire crackling I linked this history back unto Cyfaraun & its long rumored horrors & corruption. Evidence of elven construction is still visible in the city’s oldest district, today called Old Cyfaraun.The party started looking funny at the Elven sell sword that's had their back for some time now. 

So now the party is searching the town for signs of serpent men hybrids & possible cultists. They heard some rumors of some savage murders at the edge of town. They made their way to the edge of the wasteland where the wind blows savage & found a human thigh bone jutting from a grate! Embrace the way of Yig and Thoth-Amon, and despair! The city guard brushed the party off as the bones belonging to one of the local city drunks who disappeared two weeks ago. But they know better & their taking the bones back to the sage & his alchemist partner for analysis. 

So now they've started to investigate the edges of the city & the wastelands for hidden passages or possible ways into the sewers. The party is now starting to talk with rat catchers, waddlers, & others who handle the human sewage in the area. But they are also looking for signs of the serpents on them as well. 

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