Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hartford Beta Max Black Book Stars With Number Campaign Notes - The Talon Sector Now With More Cha'alt - Zero Session Campaign Workshop

 If I'm going to tell the campaign setting of the Talon sector then its gonna be through the lens of  Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown.  There are several reasons for this but there's a lot of real world stuff behind some of this campaign switch up the least of which is Covid's impact. 

For the last couple of months a number of campaigns of mine have collapsed because of Covid & the deaths of two of our players. This happens when there's an empty chair or two at the table. These included Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, the Victorious rpg, & to some extent my Cha'alt/Godbound rpg. 

So in the meantime while all of these events  have been going on around us, the time has been taken up with relearning the original Traveller rpg & Cepheus engine rpg at the same time. And with this out came the Stars Without Number rpg books. That's where the arguments started between the players which basically boiled down to scaling back the game. Now really this isn't a problem because a number of players want to bring over their Dungeons & Dragons characters. Now here's the part where we start talking about Stars Without Numbers Revised rpg 
The SWN revised book has the space magic section & its here where the meet point between Dungeons & Dragons, Cha'alt, & the Talon sector is. According to the revised SWN rule book;"Space Magic, with rules and guidelines for introducing sorcerous powers and old-school magic into your starfaring adventurers, with sagacious Magisters, versatile Arcanists, and Adepts graced with supernatural powers."
Its within this zone of weirdness that the 
The Codex of the Black Sun: Sorcery for Stars Without Number emerges. 

The Talon sector is one whose planar stability has been weakened with Entropic weapons. Things from the outside have been coming through for decades. This has created psychers for hundreds of years & a new Caesar has only recently emerged. The Space Patrol has its agents & advisors within the court now. And this is setting up some of the coming conflict. 

 The sector is under the control of royals that resemble the courts from the '82 film Krull. Dangerously Dark Ages & utterly hide bound with royal houses with martial & family ties. Its only been a few hundred years after the events of the coming of something like the Beast from Krull. 

Contact between the Galatic Imperium has been reestablished but the royals are already chaffing under the invisible chain & collar of the Imperium. Psychers have emerged & left planet side as opportunities present themselves. Here's where Character Options for Stars Without Number From Stellagama Publishing comes into play. Players were asking about this particular book for alternative psychics. 

 Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown are figures out of legend & they cast a very long shadow among the adventuring community. But its the horrors that still lay in  the Caverns of Quasqueton that no one is talking about. Meanwhile silent black eyes watch from the darkness taking the odd farmer, banker, merchant, & prince. 

And what of Cha'alt?! The hordes of Cha'alt stand on the precipice & the threshold just waiting to invade through the old gateways & no one's the wiser?! Or are they?! Emerald seers watch from the sidelines & hidden places to advise the Caesar from the shadows. 

Witches & black masses are happening on the Borderlands as the Cults of Chaos gather their armies in the old places. The darkness gathers once again as the fires are lit in the keeps at the edges of the continents. 

So why has everything accelerated?! Has the world doomed itself again with massive plunge into darknesss?! No instead the events time table has moved up. Why? Because eighteen months have passed & the black pyramid waits for no man & the forces of Chaos know it! They can feel it! 

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