Tuesday, October 27, 2020

New 1d10 Cosmic & Scared Wonders Of The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

 Deep in the post apocalyptic wastelands are wonders that defy rational explanation that heroes and adventurers run across. Some of these can alter lives, heal the sick or perform miracles that call down 'divine explanations'; some of these objects, locations, items, and more demand worship of those who live nearby. Here are a few of those weird and strange pieces of the landscape that demand the attention of those around them and may lead to fortune and glory or far worse. 

1d10 Scared Wonders Of The Wastelands Table 
  1. A ring of standing stones where time itself slows down, illness and injury may be halted and death will not come for the victim for 1d8 months. Those who use the ring's miracle need neither food nor drink to sustain them within their death like sleep but there will be a price to be paid for the use of the standing stones in the form of blood and misfortune. The locals view the stones as scared and will slay any that they can for trespassing upon the land of these stones. 
  2. A single great eye like orb that opens every new moon and will dispel any mental mutational induced insanity unless it was caused by a head injury. The orb hums with a warmth and purpose of vast intent, the intelligence that controls the orb will telepathically scan the user and determine a price of a valuable relic to be sacrificed at dawn for the orb's attentions. 
  3. A stone chest at the head of an ancient alter with carbon scoring across its surface. This sand stone chest holds 'holy food' which will heal most minor diseases and several major mutational damages to the target's genome. The chest will demand a minor boon from those using its miracles. Once per day the chest may call down a lightning strike upon a target up to twenty klicks away. 
  4. A single pillar of black basalt with an incredible double whirled pattern across its surface. This twenty seven foot tall feature flows with a black and orange pus like slime which may induce one beneficial mutational change to the target. The target will smell of rotting flesh for a week and attract several large clouds of biting flies however upon themselves. The pillar will demand the small finger of the right hand to be placed within a nearby stone niche and then the user must make a 100 gold piece offering to the 'gods of the wasteland' for his blessings. The pillar's goo can be used only once in a life time. 
  5. The hole of flesh is a twelve meter deep hole of living flesh that will grant the user a regenerated limb should an old one have been lost. The user simply places the withered limb's stump upon the inside of the hole and within 1d10 rounds a new limb will start to sprout. The hole will need a bit of flesh for this trade. How or what doesn't matter but failure to do so will result in the limb causing dire harm to the user such as murdering them in their sleep. 
  6. The house of relics, this incredibly intricate house is made from millions of relics and artifacts seemingly wielded together. These artifacts  have been constructed this way by androids and robots run by a very dangerous and cagey A.I. who will grant a request made by a supplicant. The A.I. will allow a user to take a specific artifact if it has it upon the side of the small cottage house. There is a 40 % chance of the artifact being there but user must bring two artifacts of greater value back to the house to replace the one that was given 
  7. The Weather Maiden - This imposing statue controls the local weather and will grant certain favorable weather conditions for seasons, plantings, and general community conditions. But it is worshiped as a goddess by jealous locals who will try to sacrifice any who seek their 'goddess's' attentions. Certain weather related artifacts may attract the attentions of this fickle and somewhat blood thirsty 'goddess'. She is also interested in the families and well being of those under her charge and ask after them telepathically. She expects an artifact every three months like clock work or she might bring down horrible weather or worse to the locals 
  8. The Giant Gray Ball  A giant 150 diameter ball of concrete that floats three feet off the ground is able to grant powers of control over magnetism and gravity to certain mutants brought before it. The ball has a bombastic and somewhat unpredictable personality. It will demand feasts and sports events in its honor. The ball will affect the gravity and magnetic fields around it in a 100 kilometer radius and certain natural disasters will attract its attention. Damns and other metallic nature features of the ancients will be under its protection and no individual power will interfere in the ball's ownership of such objects. 
  9. The Lights of Lo - These strange lights will hover around any other dimensional intrusions within a 400 klick radius of the area. These lights are controlled by an unknown planar based A.I. that sees the local area as its zone of influence and Heaven help any monster, demon or other horror that seeks to stalk the land. The lights will swoop in and their nature will be revealed. Each light is actually a very strange energy plasma based mechanism capable of generating incredibly strong laser energy bursts. These things will carve up anything with 3d6 +3 points of damage. There will be a constant hum of energy surrounding each sphere and there is a sensation benevolence surround these creations. Those within 40 meters must make a save or resist the urge to fling themselves into these strange blue green energy filled creations. The spheres will incinerate anyone they contact unless a save vs death is made. 
  10. The Column of Constant Light - this seventy foot column of vivid white yellow light is generated deep within the Earth and is actually a time space window into all of history. Anyone approaching this incredible display within 10 meters or so will travel 1d100 years into the past 20% of the time, sideways in time 40% chance to an alternative Earth, or into the far distant future 40% of the time.  This mechanism is controlled by a very advanced android in the form of an ancient old woman who will kindly ask the PC's where they wish to go? Those who avoid her and try to use the column will be aged 1d20 years and all of their relics along with hidden artifacts will be drained. The little old lady will ask a boon from the characters and the locals will see that it is carried out or they will be thrown into the column lost to all space and time for eternity while demons feed upon their immortal souls. 

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