Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Hartford Beta Max Black Book Stars With Number Campaign Notes - The Talon Sector & Some Ideas With The Sword of Cepheus rpg

Been doing a lot of thinking about the Talon sector over the last twenty four hours. And really going over my campaign notes. Over the last couple of weeks 'the OSR' has taken notice of the fact that I've been doing quite a bit with both Cepheus engine rpg & the original  Traveller rpg  I started back tracking  Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown through an urban interstellar landscape. Is the Talon sector a post Scream location( the over acrching Stars Without Number rpg event) or other?! The more I'm looking into it the more I'm leaning towards 'other event'. But what about a fantasy interstellar landscape?! 

 So it became a matter of  thumbing through Dragon magazine issue #136, last night. If you don't have this issue its highly recommended because its an almost complete urban tool kit unto itself. The reason is because there's been a thought or two rattling around my head. 

My real reason is that going through my books whist reading my campaign notes some stuff just isn't gelling properly in my mind. The 'event' could be psychic in origin but there's more going on here. The truth is that there's no need for yet another rpg book on my shelf at this point. Yeah I know that Kevin Crawford does amazing rpg work for OSR  sand boxing. But when kickstarters hit the $155,000 dollar mark I back off a bit. This rpg is gonna come my way later on in 2021 I think so its being put on the campaign back burner. 

So instead I've  have been turning back to the smaller rpg table  ventures in this case, The Sword of Cepheus rpg in point of fact. Why?! Because of the scaling of the rpg system. And this is another advantage of the OSR. You can mix & match rpg systems as needed. 

So its nice to be under the radar of the OSR for a bit and there's a quite a trail of Cepheus rpg material that takes my imagination into ideas for the campaign. The mix & match of the science fantasy elements of the Talon sector is something that's weighing on me. The fiction of Paul Anderson especially his story Anderson's novella "Witch of the Demon Seas" (published under his "A. A. Craig" byline) has many of the elements that I'm looking for. 

Many of the genre elements are easily duplicatable: 
  1. The Sword of Cepheus rpg has several systems that work well as a side campaign world. 
  2. Because this is a convertable system its one that can be used as needed. 
  3. The entire campaign mix is going to have a mix of Swords & Sorcery with psychics & wizards. 
  4. This is going to take its P's & Q's from classic Pulp science fiction.
  5. The fantasy elements are not over whelming and actually managable. 
  6. There's campaign crossover potential with These Stars Are Ours!

I'm looking forward to Omar Joel's release of 2 Stellagama Publishing: The Zeta Menace! Gray Aliens and their UFOs for Stars Without Number: Revised Edition!

The Reticulans haven't let up their nefarious  activities even in a fantasy environment. Is the Talon sector near the sectors of  These Stars Are Ours! setting?! We shall see coming up.. 

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