Monday, October 26, 2020

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Time Haunted Ruins Table For Your Old School Campaigns


'The process of delving into the black abyss
 is to me the keenest form of fascination.'
H. P. Lovecraft

There are ruins that travel between dimensions and planes, sliding between in  places, time, &  space. Those who encounter such places are sure they are haunted and the lives of many adventurers have been changed over a visit to one of these places.
                                               1d10 Random Time Haunted Ruins Table
  1. A set of monoliths with the signs and symbols of the Great Old Ones carved in the top of them. There are ghoul worshipers who come at night to dance and have rites under the uncaring stars of the damned. There will be 1d6 random monsters or spawn of the Old Ones around these monoliths. There will 1d6 random minor relics around the place scattered. 
  2. This is a supermarket mostly in ruins but there are two tribes of mutants living around the place; staying for more then 1d4 round will cause the PC's to have to make a mutation check. There are several cars in the parking lot of unknown make and model. There will be 1d4 super science relics in these. 
  3. A set of alien statues whose rock and stone is actually living flesh, these lifeforms will act as giant mimics and adhere to anyone foolish enough to approach the 1d4 'stone' chests scattered around. These chests are actually mimics who worship the larger mother statues. There are 1d8 corpses scattered around the place of past adventurers who have stumbled upon these things. There are treasure type D scattered about.
  4. A whirling mass of elemental air marks the passage of dimensional energy to the elemental plane of air, several genies will tear apart anyone trying to enter this place. There is a chest of gold suspended in the air on a cushion of solidified pseudo matter. The tinkling of bells marks the location of this point. 
  5. Ruins of a home once stood on this spot and now it marked by the burned out shell of a place. A smaller then human set of stairs leads into a pit in the ground. There are 1d100 bodies or bones that might be corpses piled high in one corner. The thing will turn into a composite monster of incredible destructive capacity. It will not leave the house's ruins though.
  6.  A former military bunker marks this point and a strange glow fills the air, this is actually the creation of fungus and not radiation. There are 1d8 rare relics of a post apocalyptic nature. The place is marked out by the constant drone of a small mechanism. The thing is actually a motor that powers the last survivor of this place. His brain is a psionic construct able to appear in 1d4 rounds, he will not attack but will ask questions of the PC's but he is actually stealing 1d10 years from his victims. 
  7. A garden shed that is actually an entrance to one of the planes of the Abyss, there will be 1d4 minor demons milling around the building. There are +3 garden and farming implements scattered about and a +3 ax of sharpness in a stump. Around back is a rotting pile of heads of various humanoid types piled high.
  8. A train station has two groups of old West outlaws who fight over the place with guns blazing and horses but they have no idea why. Anyone staying in the place for more then 1d6 rounds will become trapped in the time loop that goes on continuously repeating itself for eternity. There are several major treasures within crates on the landing of the place. 
  9. A strange pulp style alien space craft has just landed, actually the thing has been on auto pilot, the crew are now alien zombies hungry for flesh. Aboard a shaggoth in suspension is held in place by a force cage. 1d6 crates scattered in the back of the ship will have some random treasure within. The whole place is infected with a zombie plague as well. Save vs disease must be made upon leaving this hazard. 
  10. A strange haunted miniature castle of stone and brick is the playground of the gods of the Earth's dreams and there are 1d8 fey servants and attendants. Those who stay will be drafted into a warped version of a mid Summer Night's Dream. All of this will dissolve when the dream of the god awakens stranding the party in the Astral.

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